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Matador turns 21!

Matador Records celebrates its 21 years of operation with an impressive boxset.

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Pavement Matador Records was founded in 1989, one of the most important independent record companies in the U.S., with an impressive list of names to its credit (do we need to remind you? Interpol, Pavement, Yo La Tengo, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Teenage Fanclub, Mogwai, Mission Of Burma and many many others) still vibrantly releasing good records.

So Matador turns 21  and to celebrate will be releasing on MatadorinLasVegas 28 September 'Matador At 21', a striking boxset with 6 CDs that will contain 99 songs from its catalog, while organizing a weekend festival in Las Vegas (1-3 October) with names like Pavement, Sonic Youth, Belle And Sebastian, Spoon, Superchunk, Cat Power, Guided By Voices, Liz Phair, The New Pornographers, etc.


Because we can not go in Las Vegas but we can order the boxset online (from here ), let's see what it contains:

- 5 CDs with songs that were released by Matador from 1989 until today,

- 1 CD with unreleased concert recordings made in 1999 in New York for the 10 years of the company,

- a 85 pages booklet with reports, photos, news, emails etc. that depict the history of Matador,

- 36 poker chips specially built for the occasion,

all sealed in a blue-gray box lined with linen.

In addition to the boxset, on the same day, will be released a cheaper set on a double vinyl containing songs of the fifth CD 'Matador Today'.

Proceeds from the anniversary boxset and copyrights of the artists will be donated to the Jane Addams Hull House Association in Chicago, Ali Forney Center in New York and The Heart Institute At Children's Hospital in Los Angeles charities.

Let's see the 99 songs of 'Matador At 21':

Disc 1 - Pre Dawn (1989-1992)
Teenage Fanclub - 'Everything Flows'
HP Zinker - 'Dancing Days'
Superchunk - 'Slack Motherfucker'
Dustdevils - 'Throw The Bottle Full'
Railroad Jerk - 'These Streets'
Come - 'Fast Piss Blues'
Bettie Serveert - 'Kid's Alright'
Chain Gang - 'Cut Off The Drug Czar's Head'
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - 'More Glee'
Unsane - 'This Town'
Circle X - 'Compression Of The Species'
Toiling Midgets - 'Mr Foster's Shoes'
Bailter Space - 'The Today Song'
Pavement - 'Perfume-V'

Disc 2 - The Years Of Milk And Honey (1993-1995)
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - 'Afro'
Yo La Tengo - 'Big Day Coming'
Railroad Jerk - 'The Ballad Of Railroad Jerk' Matadorat21
Helium - 'Superball'
Pizzicato Five - 'Baby Love Child'
Liz Phair - 'Mesmerizing'
Pavement - 'Silence Kit'
Guided By Voices - 'Game Of Pricks'
18th Dye - 'Whole Wide World'
Chavez - 'Peeled Out Too Late'
Come - 'String'
Moonshake - 'Secondhand Clothes'
Guitar Wolf - 'Midnight Violence Rock N Roll'
San Francisco Seals - 'Back Again'
Bardo Pond - 'Rumination'

Disc 3: Days Of Whiskey And Tears (1996-2001)
Boards Of Canada - 'Telephasic Workshop'
Spoon - 'Waiting For The Kid To Come Out'
Yo La Tengo - 'Autumn Sweater'
Chavez - 'You Must Be Stopped'
Silkworm - 'Tarnished Angel'
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - 'Flavor Part 1 (Beck)'
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - 'Flavor Part 2 (Mike D)'
Pole - 'Fliegen'
Cat Power - 'American Flag '
Belle & Sebastian -' We Rule The School '
Mogwai -' Helps Both Ways'
Arsonists - 'Backdraft'
Large Professor - 'Bout That Time'
Cornelius - 'Tone Twilight Zone'
Burger / ink - 'Flesh & Blood'
Pavement - 'You Are A Light'
Arab Strap - 'Blood'
Matmos - 'LASIK'

Disc 4: Don't Call It A Comeback (2002-2007)
Interpol - 'Hands Away'
Cat Power - 'He War' catpower
Yo La Tengo - 'Today Is The Day'
The New Pornographers - 'From Blown Speakers'
Dizzee Rascal - 'Fix Up, Look Sharp'
Dead Meadow - 'Good Moanin'
Mogwai - 'Kids Will Be Skeletons'
Mission Of Burma -' The Setup '
Early Man - 'Death Is The Answer'
Belle & Sebastian - 'Dress Up In You'
Pretty Girls Make Graves - 'All Medicated Geniuses'
Cat Power - 'Love & Communication'
Shearwater - 'Johnny Viola'
Brightblack Morning Light - 'Everybody Daylight'
Lavender Diamond - 'You Broke My Heart'
Jennifer O'Connor - 'Tonight We Ride'
Earles & Jensen - 'Just Farr A Laugh: The Yogurt Machine'
Stephen Malkmus - 'Discretion Grove'

Disc 5: Matador Today (2008 -)
Fucked Up - 'Son The Father'
Sonic Youth - 'Sacred Trickster'
Kurt Vile - 'Amplifier'
Yo La Tengo - 'Nothing To Hide'
Jay Reatard - 'There Is No Sun'
Times New Viking - 'Move To California'
Harlem - 'Friendly Ghost'
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - 'Bottled In Cork'
The New Pornographers - 'My Shepherd'
Cold Cave - 'Youth And Lust '
Interpol -' Summer Well '
Shearwater -' Castaways'
Esben And The Witch - 'Marching Song'
Girls - 'Lust For Life'
Magic Kids - 'Superball'
Delorean - 'Stay Close'
Cat Power - 'Metal Heart'
Perfume Genius - 'Learning'
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - 'Real Emotional Trash'

Disc 6: Unreleased live recordings from the 10th anniversary concerts, New York City, September 1999
Pavement - 'Here' (Live 1999)
Pavement - 'Trigger Cut' (Live 1999)
Pavement - 'The Hexx' (Live 1999)
Pavement - 'She Believes' (Live 1999)
Pavement - 'Unfair' (Live 1999)
Pavement - 'Zurich Is Stained' (Live 1999)
Pavement - 'Debris Slide' (Live 1999)
Pavement - 'Spit On A Stranger' ( Live 1999)
Come - 'New Coats' (Live 1999)
Bardo Pond - 'Walking Stick Man' (Live 1999)
Bardo Pond - 'Tommy Gun Angel' (Live 1999)
Cat Power - 'Good Woman' (Live 1999)
Cat Power - 'Naked, If I Want To' (Live 1999)
Cat Power - 'You May Know Him' / 'Sea Of Love' (Live 1999)
Mogwai - 'Ex-Cowboy' (Live 1999)

Yo La Tengo - Nothing To Hide

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