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The rerelease of 'Sound Affects' by Jam

'Sound Affects' Jam with a lot of extra material is to be re-released in November.
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TheJam Apart from the live DVD / CD will be released by Paul Weller next month , we will have another release from his glorious past in November, the reissue of 'Sound Affects' by Jam .

The fifth, penultimate album by Jam was first released 30 years ago, on 28/11 / 1980 and is of course the album containing the classic 'That's Entertainment'.

As always, the reissue will be accompanied with plenty of new material and a second CD containing demos and remixes of songs by Kinks and Beatles .

The contents of a reissue of 'Sound Affects' are:

Disc 1:
'Pretty Green' SoundAffects
'But I'm Different Now'
'Set The House Ablaze'
'That's Entertainment'
'Dream Time'
'Man In The Corner Shop'
'Music For The Last Couple'
'Boy About Town'
' Scrape Away '

Disc 2:
'Start!' (Single version)
'Liza Radley' (B-side of 'Start!')
'Dreams Of Children' (B-side of 'Going Underground')
'That's Entertainment' (alternate version from 'Direction, Reaction, Creation' box set)
'Pretty Green' (demo with overdubs - previously unreleased)
'Pop Art Poem' (Jam fan club flexi-disc, from 'Extras')
' Rain '(demo from' Direction, Reaction, Creation ')
' Boy About Town '(demo - previously unreleased)
' Dream Time '(demo from' Direction, Reaction, Creation ')
' Dead End Street '(demo from' Direction, Reaction, Creation ')
' But I'm Different Now '(demo from' Extras ')
' Scrape Away '(instrumental version - previously unreleased)
' Start! ' (Demo - previously unreleased)
'Liza Radley' (demo from 'Extras')
'And Your Bird Can Sing' (demo from 'Extras')
'Monday' (alternate version - previously unreleased)
'Get Yourself Together' (from 'Extras')
'Set The House Ablaze' (alternate 'dub ending' version - previously unreleased)
'Boy About Town' (alternate version - Jam fan club flexi from 'Extras')
'No One In The World' (demo from 'Extras')
'Instrumental' (demo - previously unreleased)
'Waterloo Sunset' (demo - previously unreleased)

The Jam - That's Entertainment

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