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Music is my Radar - Best Singles of 2010

2010 could be considered the year of Damon Albarn as he signs and performs two out of the three top singles of the year...
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1. BLUR - Fool's day
2. ARCADE FIRE - Ready to start
3. GORILLAZ - Stylo
5. PAUL WELLER - Wake up the nation
6. ALOE BLACC - I need a dollar
7. BEACH HOUSE - Norway
8. SADE - Soldier of love
9 . HOT CHIP - One life stand
10. NATIONAL - Bloodbuzz ohio
11. KLAXONS - Echoes
12. ZAZ - Je veux
13. PAUL WELLER - No tears to cry
14. ROX - My baby left me
15. CORINNE BAILEY RAE - Paris nights / New York mornings
16. SHARON JONES AND THE DAP-KINGS - I learned the hard way
18. METRIC - Eclipse (all yours)
19. CHARLATANS - Love is ending
20 . DELPHIC - Halcyon
21. ELI PAPERBOY REED - Come and get it
22. FOALS - Spanish Sahara
23. MANIC STREET PREACHERS - I'm leaving you for solitude
24. LES SAVY FAV - Let's get out of here
25. BEST COAST - When I'm with you 
26. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - Drunk girls
27 . VAMPIRE WEEKEND - Cousins
28. GRINDERMAN - Heathen child
29. INTERPOL - Barricade
30. TRICKY - Murder weapon
31. GORILLAZ - Superfast jellyfish
32. ARCTIC MONKEYS - My propeller
33 . POSIES - The glitter prize
34 . CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG - Heaven can wait
35. INTERPOL - Lights
36. SOFT PACK - C'mon
37. WILD BEASTS - We still got the taste dancing on our tongues
39. CEE LO GREEN - Fuck you
40. DELPHIC - Counterpoint
41. THE DRUMS - Forever and ever Amen
42. SHE & HIM - Thieves
43. KINGS OF LEON - Radioactive
44 . DUFFY - Well, well, well
45. FRIGHTENED RABBIT - Nothing like you
47. BEACH HOUSE - Zebra
48. CARIBOU - Swim
49. NEW PORNOGRAPHERS - Crash years
50 . BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE - Forced to love / All to all
The last year the Blur ranked first on my list of singles was 2000, with Music is my Radar, see here . Ten years later, in 2010 could be considered as the year of Damon Albarn as he signs and performs two out of the top three singles of the year. The release of the song Fool's day by the Blur for the Record store day is the best song I heard last year. The return of Gorillaz after a long time, turned out to be one of their best singles, featuring the great soul singer Bobby Womack .

The Arade Fire in Suburbs presented many good songs but Ready to start stands among the few ones that can be aired everywhere, on the radio, in clubs, etc. This one, along with Bloodbuzz Ohio by the National are the top rock singles for 2010. ONE by the Yeasayer is one of the best dance songs of the year, although it was not aired as much as it should have. One life stand and Halcyon are, along with ONE, three of the top electropop singles that have been released in the last few years which would mak,e the New Order proud.

Several years have gone by since Paul Weller last released a dynamite single, like Wake up the nation. I need a dollar is the perfect modern soul single that pays respect to the original black artists of previous decades. I learned the hard way by Sharon Jones and the Dap - Kings would be envied by Aretha Franklin and Martha Reeves . A pleasant surprise this year were the Beach House with Norway which deserves to rank among the top ten 2010 singles. Sade returned, after several years, with one of her best songs ever, Soldier of love . The newcomers Rox and Zaz, released two of the top singles of the year in different  musical genres.

The Klaxons, without disappointing us, fail to stand up to Myhts of the near future with their 2010 release. Nevertheless, Echoes is great and catches your ear as you listen. The same also applies more or less to Love is ending by the Charlatans, who intensify their presence from time to time with songs like this. The perfect 2010 pop singles were Hollywood by our compatriot, the newcomer Marina and the Diamonds , and Eclipse (all yours) by the Metric from the soundtrack under the same title.

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