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Dimitris Antonopoulos spoke with Charlotte Cooper (bass and vocals), about their tour in Greece, Subways new songs, Beatles, Woodstock and of course Greek audience.
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Dimitris Antonopoulos spoke with Charlotte Cooper (bass and vocals), about their tour in Greece, Subways new songs, Beatles, Woodstock and of course Greek audience.

1. First of all welcome back to Greece! How do you feel comin' back for a tour this time? What can we expect from THE SUBWAYS this time?

We're so excited to be playing in Greece again, especially as we'll be going to places we've never been to before. The first gig we played in Athens is still in my top 5 favourite ever gigs!

2. I’m sure you know of the economy crisis here. What are your thoughts on this? And what about the UK nowadays?

I think that in the case of both the UK and Greece, the real impact is seen in the everyday lives of the people who live there. With unemployment rising, the cost of amenities such as petrol rising and the cut backs in public services like the NHS, its definitely a difficult time for people to live and support their families.

3. Are you already working on a new album after (the brilliant) 'Money And Celebrity'?

We have started working on new songs in soundcheck and are actually quite excited with what we have so far! We have a loose plan to maybe record in January next year....unless we get an amazing tour offer, then we'll definitely do that!

4. What do you think about the Greek audience in general and your Greek fans here?

We love you guys! Honestly, the Greek audience is amazing. So crazy and passionate.

5.’Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' is my favorite song from your latest album. Any 'inside story' about this wonderful song?

Billy wrote the song about his wife! It's about someone who drives you crazy, but you love them anyway!

6. What influences you musically now? I mean, there's a lot great stuff out there!

We're influenced by so many different areas of music. Mowtown, pop, punk, rock, dance, its all in there somewhere! Personally I'm really influenced by strong female musicians, like Shirely Manson, Courtney Love, PJ Harvey. I also love melodic basslines like those of Alex James from Blur.

7. Beatles or Kraftwerk?

Beatles definitely. Not that I don't like Kraftwerk, but The Beatles have written some of the best melodies of all time.

8. Your best gig ever?

Very tough question! I remember going to Reading Festival in 2002 and the line up was Pulp, Muse, Foo Fighters....it was a very special night!

9. Do you agree that We are living in the digital era? What is Rock & Roll nowadays for the internet generation?
Things have definitely changed a lot over the past 10 years in terms of how people consume music. I think what's important for us as a band is to stick to what we know, which is playing live shows, being on tour. Rock'n'roll will always exist in a venue with people dancing and going crazy.

10. Can you name 5 of your favorite albums ever?

Celebrity Skin - Hole
Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea - PJ Harvey
Fever - Kylie Minogue
The Colour and the Shape - Foo Fighters
Parklife - Blur
That's just off the top of my head!
11. And for the end. Let’s take a trip with a time machine (!) Would you rather wanna go to Woodstock in '69, being @ the first Sex Pistols rehearsal, or maybe do you wanna enjoy a Thirteen Floor Elevators gig in the sixties? Or anything else… And why..?

I think Woodstock in '69! I'd love to experience the atmosphere!
Thank you for the interview! See you in a couple of weeks! Charlotte x

Dimitris Antonopoulos.
See you in ATHENS!

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