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Charlotte Cooper (The Subways): Interview

In one week, on the 7th of July they will play in the second day of 2310 Festival, at Kaftanzoglio Stadium, in Thessaloniki. A few days ago, Dimitris Antonopoulos spoke with Subways' bassist Charlotte Cooper.
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In one week, on the 7th of July they will play in the second day of 2310 Festival, at Kaftanzoglio Stadium, in Thessaloniki. Subways will play just before the beloved Suede and James.

A few days ago, Dimitris Antonopoulos spoke with their bassist Charlotte Cooper.

MG: First of all how do you feel about your appearance in Greece? What should the Subways fans expect here really?

CC: We're so excited to be coming back to Greece again! The gigs we've played here have been some of my favourites! We'll be playing some new songs this time too.

MG: Many things have changed in music industry (and continuously change) since your first steps. What do you think really about the internet today and its relation with music? Is it the end of the CD following the end of the vinyl?

The SubwaysCC: Although sales of CDs are falling, I don't believe the CD will disappear. I believe that music fans will always want a physical copy of an album if they are big fans of a band. I think perhaps vinyl will make a comeback, as it's becoming more collectible. The internet has completely changed the way we access music, and has had a huge affect on the industry both good and bad. Obviously there is the big problem with illegal downloading. Conversely it's never been so easy for bands to be in contact with their fans, with sites such as facebook and twitter etc. It’s so easy to share news, such as album release date, by posting on these sites.

MG:  'ΜONEY AND CELEBRITY'...Great title ...any details on the album?

CC: We recorded the album with the amazing producer Stephen Street, who has worked with Blur, The Cranberries, Morrissey, Kaiser Chiefs and many more. We've been so lucky to work with such experienced producers on each of our three albums, and working with Stephen was brilliant. The sound of the album is a mixture between the pop melodies of Young For Eternity with the heavier more energetic sound of All Or Nothing.

MG:  One of my favorites as well as one of the Greek fans favourite songs is 'Rock & Roll Queen' from your debut album. Pure dynamite! What do you remember from its recordings?

CC:  We were so young! Ian Broudie produced the first album in Liverpool and at this time we'd not spent much time in the studio. We learnt so much during the recording process of the first album. It was a very exciting time for us - I remember watching "Oh Yeah" for the first time on MTV on the TV in the studio.

MG: Our country is in the middle of a terrible financial adventure...What do you know about it? What is your opinion about Europe? Here in the south along with the Portuguese and people from Spain, we have the feeling that we are entering the hug of Germany ...they seem to manage this game in this thing called European Union....

CC:  We have heard about the problems in Greece on the news in the UK. It's not something that I know a lot about, but I know that in the UK we are also experiencing a financial crisis. Levels of unemployment are high and there are being many cuts made to public services and along with inflation of fuel prices etc, it's a difficult time to be living in.

MG: Which was the best audience you have ever played live for really, when and why? Or even one of the live concerts you find outstanding and why?

CC: This is a hard question! We've been so lucky to have so many amazing experiences on stage! One that will always stick in my mind is the first club show we did in Athens at Kytarro - the energy in the room was electric with everyone singing every word and dancing like crazy! Amazing!

MG: What is Rock & Roll today..? In 2011?

CC: Rock 'n' Roll for me will always be most prevalent on stage. There is nothing that makes you feel more rock 'n' roll than being at an amazing gig.

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MG: If we had a time machine (it's a question I almost always do..) to which era would you like to go for one whole day and only..?

CC: I'd love to go back to the early 1800s around the time Jane Austen was writing. I love reading about that time in her books and I'd love to experience what it was really like to live in that society.

MG: And for the end, 5 of your most favorite albums ever? 

CC: Celebrity Skin - Hole
Fever - Kylie Minogue
Origin of Symmetry - Muse
Stories From The City, Stores From The Sea - PJ Harvey
The Colour & The Shape - Foo Fighters

Thank you for taking the time to come up with these questions. We really are so excited to be coming back to Greece - hopefully see you there!x

Thanks for your time!

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