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David J: No chance of a L & R reunion

A discussion with the "quiet power" (for many years) of the great Bauhaus and later of course the excellent Love and Rockets, is always interesting.
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David J

David J do not need specific recommendations. A discussion with the "quiet power" (for many years) of the great Bauhaus and later of course the excellent Love and Rockets, is always interesting. Behind the strong figures of Peter Murphy and Daniel Ash, the typical figure of David J was always there... From the days of 'Bela Lugosi's dead' until later recordings, as a solo musician.

I am happy because maybe we will see him in Athens with the new year. Here's what he said then in a nice and cozy conversation a few days ago. In this relatively short time we had, the bats which were flying in the room, left us a little quiet to say... undead ...

Dimitris Antonopulos: First of all David lets talk about 'Tidal wave of blood/Blood sucker blues'. Give us a picture! Sounds great!!

David J: These came about whilst working with Johnette Napolitano from Concrete Blonde & Shok from Red Light District / Thrill Kill Cult. We had already worked together on three other vampire themed tracks, then Johnette went off to tour with Concrete Blonde & I simply carried on working with Shok. These two tracks are the result. The tracks with Johnette will be released next year.

DA: Any chance for an Athens gig or even a DJ set maybe soon? What’s on your mind??

DJ: I would love to return to Athens in either capacity.

DA: Speaking with you for my radio show (just some months ago) was a great pleasure!! Can you please repeat here for the fans some of your memories maybe from your first trip to Athens back in 1983 with the Bauhaus?

DJ: Very wild crowd, some of whom were out for blood (the band's! ) They were down the front making razor to throat gestures with their thick sausage fingers. Daniel and Peter were winding them up something rotten, blowing elaborate kisses at these thuggish skinheads! Most of the crowd was very positive, however.

DA: Are you still in contact with Daniel Ash? Is there a chance for a Love and Rockets reunion?

DJ: Although we parted on the best of terms, I haven't seen nor spoken with Daniel since we played Lollapalooza in 2008.
No chance of a L & R reunion, no.

DA: Daniel told me that doing the John Peel sessions was something really special (for Bauhaus) cause you've had to make it FAST! Pure energy, you know! Do you agree?

DJ: Absolutely. You had 8 hrs to record & mix 4 tracks. The approach was something that we then applied to our own sessions after that. There is a lot to be said for spontaneity & just getting on with it. Not over thinking.

DA: What an amazing live version of 'Bela' on YOU TUBE! I am talking about the Las Vegas show! And the harmonica fits just fine!! Fantastic 'cover' if I may say!! How do you feel really nowadays for such a masterpiece, a perfect song like 'Bela Lugosi's dead'?

DJ: The harmonica is a good example of that spontaneous approach. I had one lying around when we rehearsed (we had one rehearsal before that show) I picked it up, thinking: What the hell, this could work! Like the rest of the band (Bauhaus), I am very proud of that track. I heard the original recording on vinyl the other day. I hadn't listened to it in years & I have to say that it blew me clean away. It is a great record.

DA: Can you tell us some of your favourite albums of all time? Like 5 albums or something?

DJ: That is so hard!
O.k. again . . . being spontaneous:

Le Histoire de Melody Nelson - Serge Gainsbourg
Astral Weeks - Van Morrison
Revolver - The Beatles
Blood On The Tracks - Bob Dylan
The Velvet Underground & Nico - VU

DA: And your favourite record for 2010? Or your favourite band if you wish?

DJ: The XX

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