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FM TO WEB - David J Interview

David J gave a very interesting interview to Dimitris Antonopoulos.

David J gave a very interesting interview to Dimitris Antonopoulos. The "microphone" to both of them!

1/ It's always a privilege David!So,First of all can you tell me a few words about your brilliant NEW album 'An Eclipse Of Ships'?

Thank you, Dimitris. The new album is a kind of polyamorous song cycle. The themes are women, romance, love and sex.

2/ 'Hot Sheet Hotel' its such a really amazing song from your NEW record. Reminds me of Leonard Choen to be honest... Wonderful song.

Well, thanks! I love L. Cohen. That is the oldest song o the album. It was written quite a few years ago and I have been tweaking the lyrics for a while. It was a perfect fit for the theme of this album. There is quite a lot of humour on this record.

3/ Is there a Project for European Tour maybe?

I would love to return to Europe with this album but the thing is that, hot on it's heels will be the publication of my memoir and when that comes out ( most likely in October ) I will be focusing on it's promotion. Hopefully that will include a tour of Europe.

4/ Are you still in any kind of contact with Daniel or Peter? They're both back with NEW albums like you are and its a blessing for the Bauhaus fans off course.

Only over business matters if the truth be told.

5/ Speaking of Bauhaus,can you tell me about your fantastic/great version of 'Bela Lugosi's Dead' with with Jill Tracy?Really gothic version...in such a gentle way....

Jill came up with the idea of marrying 'Bela' to a classical / avant-garde type piano accompaniment. The track evolved from there and was recorded in one take, vocals and all. It was a highly charged moment and I believe that we captured a little bit of magic there.

6/ Is there a vivid memory of Athens/GREECE for you really David..? It;s been a long time!

Indeed! I recall that there was a riot! The Greek people are very passionate!

7/ Your fav record of the week? Or your fav NEW band maybe David?

Of late I've been playing Damon Albarn's lovely new melancholy solo album, 'Everyday Robots'. Favourite new band, mmmm, well, there was a San Diego band called The Midnight Pine that supported me at my last gig, who I really like. Again, very melancholy music but sort of twisted lonely Americana with circuit breaker textures amidst the fiddles and Dobro guitars. Good torchy singer, Shelbi Bennett.

8/ Ok, heres my classic question!Lets have a trip for the next 24 hours with a time machine (!) So,past or future?Where and why really..?

That's a funny one which raises some interesting philosophical questions. If I chose to go back in the past then the experience, irrespective of which era, would be very different if I went there with my present knowledge of the relevant history. If I was not cognizant of that and did not have that perspective then the experience would probably be more exciting but I would not be able to savor it with quite the same relish. So, having said all that, I would probably choose the 1920's in Paris, with Surrealism coming into bloom and the cabaret and general joie de vivre of those times, all seen through the filter of my modestly informed sense of history, that would be a very exciting trip!

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