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And Morrissey against Cameron

Morrissey to David Cameron: People want people who know how to listen. We can not believe what you say when we know what you do...
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Morrissey with mail sent to the site of admirers True to you.net praises his former partner Johnny Marr for the criticism for the British Prime Minister David Cameron for his statements that he likes the Smiths. In addition, he accused Cameron for hunting deer which is his favorite sport. He wrote

I would like to, if I may, offer support to Johnny Marr who has spoken out to the media this week against David Cameron. To those who have expressed concern over Johnny's words in view of the fact that David Cameron has pledged immense allegiance to the music of the Smiths, I would like to try to explain why I think Johnny is right not to be flattered.
It is true that music is a universal language – the ONLY universal language, and belongs to all, one way or another. However, with fitting grimness I must report that David Cameron hunts and shoots and kills stags – apparently for pleasure. It was not for such people that either "Meat is Murder" or "The Queen is Dead" were recorded; in fact, they were made as a reaction against such violence. ».

These comments began when Marr wrote in last week's twitter «David Cameron stop saying that you like the Smiths, you do not like them. I forbid you to like them ».

Morrissey also revealed that he refused to attend the Andrew Marr Show on BBC with Cameron as the second would indicate that he wants to repeal the hunting of animals.

Finally he reminded to David Cameron that people like people who know how to listen and said that «can not believe what you say when you know what you do».

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