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Mobilia :: German Special Issue

A quick look at the achievements of (almost hateful to many recently) German music scene for the year that leaves us, from four different representatives.
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A quick look at the achievements of (almost hateful to many recently) German music scene for the year that leaves us from four different representatives.

Pantha Du Prince - Black Noise

Evil .

What makes Black Noise differ in the study of techno albums from that species, is not focusing on undisputed and dominant combination: heavy beat and simple synth melodies. Pantha (aka Henrick Weber) makes delicious handmade samples, he dresses them up with hypnotic tribal rhythms and a lazy bassline and offers generously thoughtful, brutal and extremely austere minimal techno.
Listen: wonderful Bohemian Forest creaky and wonderful singing, the Abglanz because he can play for three minutes with the bells and then unleash a diabolical frenzy of percussion. The Stick To My Side because it has awesome and wonderful Panda Bear in vocals, the clubbing Satellite Snyper and of course the trilogy Welt Am Draht, Im Bann and Es Schneit , ie, I'm drunk, I'm well, fuck it that closes this magnificent epic album.


Lali Puna - Our Inventions

Six .

Not two or three, but six years have passed since the last album of the Lali Puna, the more guitaristic, Faking Books, until this year's Our Inventions, always in Morr Music. But no invention and no novelty to justify such a long absence is  observed here, unlikely the computerized pop and  almost lull vocals of Valerie are here again. The Puna have chosen to create a rule pop songs based on simplicity. Simplicity not as a lack of intelligence but as aesthetic expression, and as always is for all of us who love them Notwist, a necessary antidote to the absence .
Remember? simply a masterpiece.


Get Well Soon - Vexations

Stoic .

The Vexations (reference to Vexations for piano of Eric Satie in 1893!) was among the first releases of the year and is the second album the band after Rest Now, Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon 2008. Mastermind of Get Well Soon is Konstantin Gropper , classical musician child of Mainchaim , and multi-instrumentalist, responsible for the musical style of the band. Sophisticated melancholic pop and tight melodrama masterfully blend and embrace plush, inspiring the historical panorama of synthetic philosophy of Konstantin. The Senecas Silence refers to the natural silence of the philosopher Seneca, the We Are Free to the Stoics, the Werner Herzog Gets Shot to the director and to his  extreme views, the opening Nausea to Jean Paul Sartre the We Are Ghosts to  Marx and so on ... In the negatives the exaggeration of the disc exceeding the duration of half hour!!!
Amazing 5 Steps / 7 Swords, and extremely good  A Burial At Sea and Angry Young Woman


The Whitefield Brothers - Earthology

Lesson .

The sound of Whitefield's debut in In The Row featured music like soul with strong doses of funk and geographically oriented to the African continent. This year the Earthology, the collective of the Munich enriches full of furious funk palette, with disparate musical traditions from around the world as fusion, athiop - jazz , afrobeat etc and cast glances both in Asia and Arabia.
The Whitefield add several non-traditional instruments such as flutes, african Latin American strings and percussion, but do it in harmony and having the soul as  consistent and solid basis, avoiding the loose result of an indifferent potpourri . They recorded the album at various studios around the world, New York, Munich, Berlin and give a good lesson in Vampire Weekend on the African polyrythmia.
Our ears often full of Afro-Asian hymns Pamukkale, and Taisho attribute with the introduction of bouzouki.


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