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FM to Web: TWO FAIRIES by Peppy Castro

Peppy Castro of Blues Magoos tells us one of the stories, he lived with Keith Moon of Who.
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I was lucky to meet the unique Peppy and he honors me so far with his friendship. Certainly  the Blues Magoos have been an outstanding band in the sixties, full of incredible adventure (!) in the magical world of Rock & Roll, at a very different period from the spontaneous nowadays.To live with the legendary Keith Moon in such situations seems now like a fairy tale full of stardust to steal... We give the pen to Peppy Castro now. We need it ....

Hi This is Peppy Castro. I was a teenage rock Star in the U.S. In 1967 with my first band called The Blues Magoos. We were on a tour. It was a packaged show with 3 acts. The Blues Magoos, The Who, and Hermans Hermits. We all traveled together on the same plane.

The tour went for the whole summer. This was the tour that broke "The Who" in the U.S. and I became very friendly with everyone including Keith Moon. After a week or two, people just stopped hanging out with Keith. I think I was the last one that would go out with him. You see Keith, as history shows us was as crazy as they come. So the tour lands in Chattanooga, Tennessee and we get to the hotel.

It would take some time to get everyone on the tour checked into the hotel so Keith asks me to go get a drink with him at a bar across the street from the hotel. Mind you this is 1967 in the deep south of the United States. So we walked into the bar and at the bar are around 10 guys sitting on stools drinking. I was too young to legally drink. You could hear a pin drop the minute we walked in. All of a sudden one of the guys at the bar says with a very heavy southern accent "Hey Ya'll get a load of these two fairies". Keith, without any hesitation takes the nearest chair and breaks it over the guys back.

All of a sudden all hell breaks loose and Keith and I are getting pounded by everyone in the bar. The owners of the bar were trying to break up the fight and I made it out of the bar with a bloody nose and a few lumps and half my clothes on. I ran over to the Hotel lobby to tell all the Roadies to go get Keith. They brought him back in one piece. Really, this is just one of many Keith Moon stories I remember from that tour. I could write a book just on that alone. May he rest in peace because he was on crazy Mother F--ker.

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