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The Dynamite Steps of Greg Dulli

On the occasion of the upcoming concerts in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greg Dulli spoke to Dimitris Katsourinis and Dimitris Antonopoulos from his home in New Orleans for  the "Dynamite Steps", the bar he owns etc.
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In 1998, Afghan Whigs released their swan song with the title "1965". Their leader Greg Dulli stated that "in this trip the
guilt sits in the back seat and lust is in the driver's seat". In any case, the Afghan Whigs have never been a case you can take lightly. Dulli was always known for the intensity with which he presented outwardly the most intimate feelings. This was eventually that gave him the fellow believers in any "live" appearance, in any record deposition. This is what makes him dear in our country and brings him frequently for unforgettable nights. Personally, I've never got over that monumental (and episodic) appearance of Afghan Whigs in Agios Kosmas in the summer of '99. When we projected our youth concerns and fantasies on the charming (and sometimes wounded) nerve of their music ...

After the end of the Afghan Whigs and after discovering the sometimes festive, sometimes dirty New Orleans, Greg continued to write music, alternating light into darkness and the other way around. He made sure, however,  to focus on the twilight and colors, constantly writing addictive melodies. The Twilight Singers are the main vehicle of his expression thereafter. A rather not constant project in composition and nature, which initially was treated as short-lived, but now counts the fifth consecutive album. In his 46, Dulli is not surprising, but keeps on penetrating decisively in the most rugged paths of the soul. Sometimes as an
endoscopic witness and others as experiential, soul man with rock 'n' roll upbringing.

On the occasion of the upcoming concerts in Athens (15 / 4 at Gagarin) and Thessaloniki (14 / 4 at Principal), Greg Dulli spoke from his home in New Orleans, about the "Dynamite Steps" (so called excellent new work of the Twilight Singers), the taking off of the first single "On The Corner" , and what inspires him most today.
The microphone to him then ...



  Twilight Singer - On the Corner

(*) Greg Dulli and the Twilight Singers perform in our country, on April 14 in Thessaloniki, (Principal Club Theatre), and the next night, 15 / 4, in Athens (Gagarin 205 Live Music Space).

Greg Dulli in Rock Band

Listen to the following interview with Greg Dulli in the Rock Band of Dimitris Antonopoulos on Channel 1 , 90.4, during which he speaks about Neil Young, John Peel, his new album, the Greek fans, plans for another (new) album with covers, the Internet etc.

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