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The Temples discuss their new album and the concerts after the Brexit

The English band on their recent album and the concerts after the Brexit
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Temples got our attention here in MixGrill when they released their really interesting debut, 'Sun Structures', back in 2014. Since then they have played in many parts of the world, and this summer finds them running through festivals promoting their sophomore album, 'Volcano'. They might not write their songs on the road, but they certainly took some time to write back to us when we asked a few things. There they go.

How's the tour going? You played a lot around the world after "Sun Structures". Do you see that happening again for  "Volcano"?
Touring our new songs has been really interesting. It's interesting to see how songs almost acquire their own individual personalities in the live environment, some more than others. It's been really interesting playing songs from 'Volcano' alongside songs from 'Sun Structures'. It's definitely affected the way we perform. We hope to bring Volcano and our live set to as many people in as many places as we can!
Last year you visited Athens for Ejekt Festival. Any memories from those days (and nights) you'd like to share with Greek fans?
We all have fond memories of Ejekt Festival. It was fantastic coming to Greece and we're looking forward to coming back!
'Volcano' is a bit different than your debut, with modern synths instead of psychedelic guitars. Which are the main reasons for that? Do you have any ideas of your future musical direction now that the pressure of that second album is gone?
In terms of sound, with 'Volcano' we decided to treat each song separately in the sense of production. Whereas with 'Sun Structures' we treated the whole album with pretty much the same approach. Certain songs on 'Volcano' wouldn't have worked without using synthesizers instead of guitars so it seemed natural to make such decisions. It's difficult to tell which musical direction we'll go in. We didn't sit down and plan to go in a different direction with 'Volcano' per se, so next time round I imagine it'll be a similar process. Or completely different... who knows.
The new album was also a team effort. Has it always been like that? How did that affect the recording process and how has the band's chemistry evolved through that?
'Volcano' was much more of a team effort than 'Sun Structures'. It didn't affect the recording process as such, but it meant that there were a few more opinions floating around and other perspectives.

You spend quite some time on the road. How easy has been the writing of new songs while on the bus or in a hotel room? Do you feel it gets more comfortable as you spend more time away from home?
We rarely write on the road. Though maybe we ought to start.
What about that home studio you're building? How close to being ready for album #3 is it?
It's underway!
There are many bands and artists, mostly of the 60's and 70's, mentioned in press regarding your music. Could you mention some recent albums that have inspired you and enjoy listening to lately?
We like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.
Your debut was quite successful, but it wasn't included in the Mercury Prize shortlist. 'Volcano' has gone down equally well. Would you care to see it nominated? What's your view on this award and music awards in general?
It would no doubt be a positive thing if it were to be nominated, but I'm not personally not too hung up on things like that.
There's the argument that touring Europe will get a bit trickier after Brexit. How does Brexit or the recent election result affect you and your music?
It's still quite ambiguous. Article 50 has been triggered but nobody really knows the specifics of what's going to happen. It could mean that carnet costs and visas will make touring Europe for British bands an expensive and difficult endeavour. Unfortunately Brexit seems to be going ahead. All we can do it stay positive.

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