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Echo and the Bunnymen: Do it Clean @ Gagarin

Ian threw a towel (the second tonight) and it nailed itself on the roof of Gagarin! I watched him all night hanging around the microphone always with a cigarette in hand ...
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Who : Echo and the Bunnymen
Where : Gagarin
When : Πέμπτη 29 Απριλίου 2011
Audio : Excellent
People : Full (we were not on top of each other but it was almost full)
Organization : Fine
Time : 1 hour and 25 minutes

The songs heard :

22:34 - Going Up
show of
Seven Seas
Bring On the Dancing Horses
All That Jazz
Think I need it
Never Stop
The Back of Love
The Killing Moon
The Cutter

23:39 - Encore :

Nothing ever lasts forever
Lips Like Sugar

23 : 53 - Encore 2 :

My Kingdom
Do It Clean


[by Dimitri Antonopoulos]

Ian threw a towel (the second tonight) and it nailed itself on the roof of Gagarin! I watched him all night hanging around the microphone, always with a cigarette in hand, resurrecting with his breath and singing to the demons of our eternal adolescence that DEFINITELY do not belong to any past, simply because they are timeless and of eternal presence.

I was looking at him and thinking "damn .. these fucking bands we grew up with ... and very well we did". Those who chose to spend the evening with the band from Liverpool, they know perfectly well what I'm talking about... As for the youngest who were there, they just discovered (closely) the shortest path to joy. The Echo and the Bunnymen were almost sadistic (;) great. Incorruptible by the passage of time, just like the voice of Ian ... Next to him, of course, always the quiet strength of the band, Will Sergeant fixing once again, the backbone of their sound with great mastery and ease. The band started (in a full and with CRYSTAL clear sound Gagarin) with a set of dynamite from their first steps, pointing the way for what would follow: Going Up, Show Of Strength, Rescue ...

The bastards, I said to myself, smiling sardonically. .. Not only they keep on doing it well, but they live it to the full. It is real ... it is happening ... (If you get me ...). Silver, Seven Seas, Bring On The Dancing Horses, from the most pop (in relation to their first album) phase of the Bunnymen, continuing to impeccable performances, full of nerve and mood that suits them. And then, the song that 'I said is the most important ever written ...' said Ian behind the jet-black glasses and the Killing Moon begins ... Cutter, Villiers And Terrace, Zimbo, The Disease ...

And I remember the interview with Will, a few days before in my show and what he had said about the set in Athens. Yes indeed they play songs from the foam of their records and the most important stages of their career, without discounts ... If I had to choose, then certainly the highlight of the evening would be their last shinning on stage. The second encore of the Bunnymen after Lipps Like Sugar and Nothing Last Forever, when they almost brought it down, whatever was left still standing, to wonder about where the hell they find so much energy and such 'underground' passion ....

Do It Clean ... and I catch myself being left to lose and traveling in an instant ... Rare ... Baliotis tells me that it was the best live he has ever seen, people around me smiling with that smile of true satisfaction and Nick Triantafyllidis me an expensive gift (yes, yes, yes ..). A treat from the heart, a treat with no expectation of a reward, that only true friends can offer you. I drink a Johnny to him and I hear him telling me: 'Dimitri, great professionals. They left nothing to chance. They worked the last detail, the lights, everything ... Exceptional. " I go out on the street and murmur 'Zimbo .. Zimbo .. Zimbo ... Zimbo ...' damn it was perfect ...

[by George Baliotis - gbal]

I do not think I can add much to a very good text by Dimitri . It was one of the concerts you enjoy writing ... The organization very good. People conscious, knew why they had come to the Gagarin yesterday evening.

The Rosebleed once again showed us that they work hard and continue to hold high the band. They sound very good for a support group and long 'Liberty' (closed their appearance), and the 'Claud' and 'Until next time', of course, have once more made a good concert. I've seen them five times and Rosebleed in every appearance I can not write anything negative. This is one of the best Greek bands at the moment!

 Guys from Heliopolis leaving "free" (Liberty) and gave the baton to a group that have affected them, along with a lot of other musicians. I heard the Echo and the Bunnymen and into their music I saw once again the figures that affected the Coldplay, the Killers, the Oasis, Franz Ferdinand and so many others ...

From 1978 until Today there are many years ... Yet the Bunnymen worked yesterday's live as if it was in the early years of their career. The sound was incredible! Hear every instrument crystal clear. Indeed, trying to find flaws and I saw some signs of lower intensity acoustic guitar, but if you hear the studio performance of the respective song, you will see that this is how it should be. Will Sergeant as a conductor he directed the rest of the band with his guitar, the drummer just amazing and Ian McCulloch ... What to say about this magic, pure voice! What can you say about the emotion that leads to different parts of songs! What can you say about a man who is 51 years old, singing since the late '70s and now sounds as if not one day has gone by from 1978!

It was a beautiful, distinctive, "clean" night ... Do it clean Bynnymen!

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