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That's Entertainment: The Best Of 2004

In the latest installment of our tribute to the best music of this decade, we present our favorite albums and singles of 2004. A year full of impressive debuts from bands that left their indelible stamp to the Zeros (Franz Ferdinand, TV On The Radio, Arcade Fire) and important comebacks from old favorites (Nick Cave, Morrissey, Mark Lanegan, Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys)...
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In the latest installment of our tribute to the best music of this decade, we are presenting today our favorite albums and singles of 2004.

A band that we consider as one of our "own"
(because of Alex Kapranos' Greek roots), Franz Ferdinand, stole the show with one of the best debuts of this decade - for once, the hype surrounding a new band was totally justified. The album seemed like a "Best Of" compilation, as most of its songs sounded like potential hit singles. No wonder that 5 out of its 11 tracks were eventually released as singles, with "Take me out" proving to be the most successful, while the album went platinum in both the UK and US. This was not the only important debut of the year as in 2004 we were also introduced to a couple of bands that also left their indelible stamp on the music of the Zeros, namely TV On The Radio and Arcade Fire. Next to those impressive newcomers, we also had  the important returns of several seasoned veterans like Nick Cave, Morrissey (who released perhaps his best solo effort), Mark Lanegan, Sonic Youth and Beastie Boys. Other great releases of 2004 came from the likes of Modest Mouse (a band that managed to achieve significant commercial success without sacrificing its uncompromising sound), !!!, The Von Bondies, Interpol, Blonde Redhead, The Dears, Electrelane and The Killers, who offered another of the great debuts of the year - an album with transparent influences from the British sound of the '80s but with highly addictive properties.

Top 25 Albums

Franz1. Franz Ferdinand - FRANZ FERDINAND
2. Abattoir blues/The lyre of Orpheus - NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS
3. Good news for people who love bad news - MODEST MOUSE
4 . Louden up now - !!!
5. Desperate youth, blood thirsty babes - TV ON THE RADIO
6. Pawn shoppe heart - THE VON BONDIES
7. Antics - INTERPOL

8. You are the quarry - MORRISSEY
9. Funeral - THE ARCADE FIRE
10. Sonic nurse - SONIC YOUTH
11. Misery is a butterfly - BLONDE REDHEAD
12. Bubblegum - MARK LANEGAN BAND
TVOR13. No cities left - THE DEARS
14. To the 5 boroughs - BEASTIE BOYS
15. Hot fuss - THE KILLERS
16. The power out - ELECTRELANE
17. Bows + arrows - THE WALKMEN
18. You're a woman, I’m a machine - DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979
19. Tyrannosaurus Hives - THE HIVES
20. Uh huh her - PJ HARVEY
21. More adventurous - RILO KILEY
22. The Concretes - THE CONCRETES
23. Thunder, lightning, strike - THE GO! TEAM
24. The Futureheads - THE FUTUREHEADS

Top 25 Singles

Float On
1.  Float On - MODEST MOUSE
2.  The Rat - THE WALKMEN
3.  Staring At The Sun - TV ON THE RADIO
5.  Slow Hands - INTERPOL
6.  C’mon C’mon - THE VON BONDIES
7.  Theme from Sparta FC #2 - THE FALL
9.  Somebody Told Me - THE KILLERS
10. Lost In The Plot - THE DEARS
12. An Open Letter To NYC - BEASTIE BOYS
13. Irish Blood, English Heart - MORRISSEY
14. Nature Boy - NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS
15. Reptilian - THE STROKES
17. Johnny Cash - SONS AND DAUGHTERS
18. The Letter - PJ HARVEY
19. You Can’t Hurry Love - THE CONCRETES
20. American Idiot - GREEN DAY
21. Good Reason - SEAFOOD
23. This Deed - ELECTRELANE
24. Hello? Is This Thing On? - !!!
25. Ladyflash - THE GO! TEAM

Songs of the week:

Modest Mouse - Float On

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