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The Charlatans: New album this year

They are coming to Fuzz Club (Athens - 13th of May) and Principal Club Theater (Thessaloniki - 14/05) in a few days. One of the great bands of 90s, Charlatans are back in Greece.
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They are coming to Fuzz Club (Athens - 13th of May) and Principal Club Theater (Thessaloniki - 14/05) in a few days. One of the great bands of 90s, Charlatans are back in Greece. The first time was in the winter of 1992 at legendary Rodon Club. In 2001 we didn't manage to see them in Rockwave Festival, because of heavy rain.

Dimitris Antonopoulow speaked with The Charlatans and they told him many interesting things, as you can see below:

1/What should we really expect in Greece from such a great band like the Charlatans in the live show that approaches?

Hi! Well we are really looking forward to playing in Greece its been a very long time.Our preparation for every gig is pretty much the same, we try to put a set together that represents the way we are feeling and the way we feel we want to be represented at this moment in time. I expect this set in Greece to be a true representation of how we are feeling.

2/Your relationship with your audience is rare an special throughout all these years. A solid value. Tell me about it and the way this grows in time.

Well our audience has been patient with our moodiness and I mean that in the best possible way.the charlatans are quite contrary in our musical taste(s) so we like to jump from genre to genre in our heads, though in sound we always sound like us.

3/Your last album Who We Touch had many airplays on my radio show, and I think it is a mature and at the same time fresh album. Tell me a few words about this really good work.

It was fresh and strong about deranged love /relationship s

4/How are things in the UK today? Is there anything that sounds new?

My favourite new bands are factory floor, joseph coward, and I am very much looking forward to the new horrors record

5/While talking with Tim Burgess on my radio show about a year ago, he mentioned Kraftwerk as a band he really likes. In fact the question was Beatles or Kraftwerk? and he said today for sure Kraftkerk . Quite recently a great band from the 70s, the legendary Wire were in Athens for a live show. Which names from the British Punk, Post-punk scene do you really find important?

I absolutely love Wire, and had a very long interesting conversation with Graham Lewis last time they played rough trade east, in London.I would say that Wire are as relevent today as they ever were

6/How do you feel today about one of the most beautiful songs that was ever written? I am talking about 'The only one i know'. What do you remember from it's recording?

I remember us all arguing, laughing, arguing and laughing again….guess we were just passionate about the recording.

7/Are there any plans on a new album within this year? Or is it maybe too soon? What are your plans for the future?

There will be the beginnings of a new album this year think we are all just getting ideas together xx

8/If we had a time machine and just for one hour you could enter and travel to the past. Where would you like to go and why really?

I have to say growing up in the 80s in Manchester was pretty amazing I always remember being 15/16 in 82-83 sitting outside liquor stores in manc listening to the cure, new order, the clash drinking fizzy wine and cider and smiling at girls but perhaps growing up in NYC  in the 80’s may have been even better with the NO Wave scene and the paradise garage and madonna or London in the 60’s beatles stones pink Floyd etc

9/And for the end. 5 of your favourite albums..? For today at least..?( laughs?

I had to do 6 sorry  xxx hahaha
Jim o’rourke Eureka
Lambchop damaged
Ariel pink’s haunted graffiti before today
Arthur Russell the world of Arthur Russell
Laetitia sadier the trip
High llamas talahomi way

Thank you very much

Dimitris Antonopoulos

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