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Roxette @ Terra Vibe: It was a Perfect Day!

It was a beautiful night that lasted almost 2 hours filled with sounds from your favorite 90's and all those found there will remember it for a long time.
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Roxette Even though the weather on Friday afternoon kept me worried as to whether or not we would eventually see Roxette Live in the end "there is a God." The rain stopped, the concert was carried out and Friday night ended in the best way.

Set List

1.Dressed for Success
2.Sleeping in My Car
3.The Big L.
4.Wish I Could Fly
5.Only When I Dream
6.She 's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
7.Perfect Day
8.Things Will Never Be The Same
9.It Must Have Been Love
10.Opportunity Nox
12. Fading Like a Flower
14.How Do You Do!

17.Watercolours in the Rain
18. Spending My Time
19. The Look

Encore 2:
20. Listen to Your Heart
21. Church of Your Heart

Shortly before 9 I arrived on site in Terravibe and barely cought the last song ("Still a Kiss") by Panos Mouzouraki that started our night. The crowd already gathered was big enough. For the age average, you know... All the people
that in the 90's were in High School.

As time passed,
they made the necessary adjustments on stage, we got to the right positions and our expectation grew.

At 9:45 everything was ready, the lights were lowered, the anticipation was at an endas our be
loved Roxette got on stage for the show, the first in our country. A very beautiful and special night had just begun. As you can see in the set list the opening was with the very powerful Dressed for Success. We were all excited (as you can see in the related videos) from the first few minutes.

I don't know how to describe it. Personally I thought that the
posters of Roxette I once had took human form in front of me...

Marie, Per and the other band members had come with a lot of energy in their luggage and it was obvious that they really wanted to make this tour. They had very good stage presence, a tight band and knew very well how to convey a good vibe to the crowd. Per and the delightful presence on vocals Helena Joseffson literally
"plowed" the stage.

The same of course was
true of Marie, maybe with a little more gentle pace, which is understandable knowing the serious health problems that she has faced and managed to overcome. You have to have great mental reserves to manage to present such a decent and comprehensive live. She deserves many congratulations! Also the connection of Roxette to the crowd was excellent. They gave the impression that they had become one with their audience. They kept thanking us for our presence and seemed genuinely happy with their decision to appear in our country.


Returning to the musical part of the concert that in its whole was excellent. The Set List was nearly identical to what they had performed in other countries. It contained all of Roxette hits and only two songs from the recent album.

Best moment of the evening? Really difficult question. All songs were good and the way they were performed was great. I liked the melodic I Wish I Could Fly, the fresh and strong Only When I Dream and She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio), which indeed has been a great success on radio stations abroad. Also beautiful moment was when Marie was left virtually alone on stage and sang the stunning ballad Perfect Day. There she proved that her voice is in very great condition and moved most of us.

When the time came for It Must have Been Love we were all one and the chorus was exclusively our own, without music, just like that... I also singled out my favorite Fading Like a Flower. Among the best moments were naturally both encores culminating with The Look and Listen to Your Heart. We also heard the classic "Sirtaki" in a unique performance by the guitarist of the band.

Now if I had to find a flaw, that may have been some small problems with the sound in the first 10-15 minutes, that were subsequently overcome.

With regard to public attitudes, it could not have been warmer. Excited throughout the live, singing almost all tracks, applauding, shouting rhythmically "Roxette, Roxette". It was an audience that knew very well why it was in Terravibe. Also I have to say that among us was a group of Swedish fans who follow
Roxette throughout their tour!

It was a beautiful night that lasted almost 2 hours filled with sounds from your favorite 90's and all those found there will remember it for a long time. Now the appearance of Roxette in Athens is history and I am happy I saw it myself.

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