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Minute by minute: Ejekt Festival 2011

Moby made one of the best concerts in Greece. It was the fifth time I saw him. Yesterday's appearance was along with the concert of 1998 Rockwave Festival of Freatida among the best, he has given in our country.
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The cancellation of the appearance of Amy Winehouse was certainly a blow to the Ejekt Festival. Unfortunately, the announcement came 2 days before the festival ... So as to prevent the Detox from closing another big name ...

Nevertheless, this year's Ejekt Festival continued to have an appreciable line-up. Yes I know Moby has almost 10 times in Greece. Isn't he good every time, though? Isn't he up to the task?

For many and for me personally, the appearance that I expect most is that of the Vaccines. New band has released a very strong album this year (" What did you expect from the Vaccines?" ) and in a few days will play in the best Festival in the world, in Glastonbury. The Blackfield  after Vaccines are a constant value, based on an excellent musician Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and the smooth voice of Aviv Geffen. Finally, Baby Guru and Monovine are the new, good, Greek groups.

In one hour we will be at Water Plaza, in Faliro and from there we will publish this article everything we see and hear. Along with our reviews, you too can send your impressions
, through the Facebook or Twitter (with prefix: @ MixGrill).

See ya "live" after 5:30 pm

Monovine 17.30-18.00
Baby Guru 18.15-19.25
The Vaccines 19.45-20.55
Blackfield 21.25-22.30
Moby 23.00 - 01.00

Monovine - photo by Markou Theodore

Baby Guru - photo by Markou Theodore

Monovine - Baby Guru

17:45: Just entered the Water Plaza in Faliro. Nice space. Long and right on the beach. Water Plaza is behind the Indoor Tae Kwon do Olympic Stadium. A little breeze,
and lots of sun, we are under an umbrella watching the Monovine.

18:05: The Monovine leave after they had taken us back in the early years of the 90s and the grunge of Nirvana, Mudhoney & Pearl Jam. Few people until now.

18:39: The Baby Guru on stage. The sound is good. People gathered slowly, slowly, though we are few.

19:18: Special the Baby Guru. They definitely have a different sound than any other Greek band. Unfortunately, it is still a bit of the world. Nevertheless, it is nice to see concerts by the sea ...

19:29: They finished the Baby Guru. Let's move to the appearance of the night now? The drums of Vaccines already set on stage.

The Vaccines

The Vaccines

20:00: The Vaccines on stage. They went with song of Amy Winehouse ...:)Blow it up to start with a little stuffy sound. Post break up sex now -great hit!

20:08: The sound has improved a little. Lack of understanding and Wetsuit now.

20:24: If you wanna, a song dedicated to Greece , since written when the singer of Vaccines (Justin Young) came first time in our country for holidays.

20:39: The End for Vaccines. I think they played less than
the program said. All in white and Norgaard for closure. Indeed in the Norgaard singer descended from the stage and sang with us. Very good were the Vaccines, although their sound was not optimal. Fine band with enough energy. I think that will make an impression on Glastonbury.

Blackfield - photo by Markou Theodore


21:18: The Blackfield on stage. They started with the power Blood from their latest album Welcome to my DNA. Blackfield now with Steven Wilson on vocals. There is more people, though it's not full. However, it is a very nice night ...

21:28: Go to hell by this year's record. The sound is quite good. Steven Wilson had a 
problem with the microphone.  Corrected immediately.

21:46: DNA and the beautiful single of the year the Far away. Sound crystal. Do not forget the obsession of Wilson with the perfect sound at concerts of Porcupine Tree.

22:08: Miss U & Oxygen now. Together with Blackfield and Far Away are highlights of their set.

22:26: End of the world, two more, Farewell and applause for Blackfield. A good appearance. The world is so-so, not much hot. Moby go for now. Come to dance a bit ...

Moby - photo Thodoris Markou


23:02: Moby on stage just in time. Atmospheric beginning.

23:11: Very strong continue with a dance performance of In my heart. The surprise came after. Rehab : remix the famous Song of Amy Winehouse .Random? Moby left the guitar and is playing drums .. Craze in Go now (the first song written by Mr. Hall).

23:23: Why does my heart feel so bad? and now a song played in Greece since 1996 and the Rock of Gods since today. A Hymn of Joy Division! New Dawn Fades!!!

23:35: Disco implementation of We are all made of stars and a lot uptempo Slipping Away. The people warms up ... Moby in it too.

23:45: An other and special dance performance in a bit of Moby. Beautiful with people applauding and in a few minutes hopping up and down in Bodyrock.

23:59: Flowers earlier and now the favorite Play, dedicated to all of us, for the tenth time of Moby in our country. Before starting song, opened the lights and Moby was taking photos.

0:28: Disco lies enough dancing, The Stars and hands high in the stars ... Natural Blues now.

photo from Theodore Mark

0:12: An amazing execution of In this world before. Guitar, violin, harmonica and the amazing vocals of Joy Malcolm, the singer with
Moby. Even in Extreme Ways we now hear, puts her seal.

0:34: Whole lotta love (Led Zeppelin) in a performance by Joy Malcolm, with vocals that combine a "black" soul voice and Janis Joplin. She has tremendous vocal abilities that woman!

0:46: Honey a disco format and lift me up to dance even more people. However, we have fun and that you can see around you. Many happy faces ...

0:50: Leaving and small waiting for the encore. Feeling so real and return to the 90s!!!

0:58: The End of the appearance of Moby and this year's Ejekt Festival.

Few hours after he wrote in the Twitter: "Thank you athens!! What a great night. Now headed to thessaloniki. See you soon."

Set list :

Intro (God Moving Over the Face of the Waters)
In My Heart
Raining Again / Rehab
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
New Dawn Fades (Joy Division)
We Are All Made of Stars
Slipping Away
Beautiful (Benny Benassi Remix)
Lie Down in Darkness
In This World
The Right Thing
Extreme Ways
Shot in the Back of the Head
Disco Lies
The Stars
Natural Blues
Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)
Lift Me Up

Feeling So Real

The overview

Another year for Ejekt Festival. I think the Water Plaza and Entertainment Stage, the Detox has two in two. Very well designed space, near the sea. Is actually behind the Tae Kwon Do Indoor Olympic Stadium, if we consider that the "front" is the parking lot next to the stadium. The length is great and I imagine that if
the square was filled, the people that would be in the back, they would see with difficulty.

More generally, the organization of the Festival was fine. The world was not much unfortunately. For music lovers I think it was best that we have not seen Amy Winehouse Moby gave one of the best gigs in Greece. It was the fifth time I saw him. In no concert had I anything bad to say. All were good and some very good. Yesterday's appearance comes in the second category, along with the concert of 1998 Rockwave Festival of Freatida. With lots of energy, passion, dance, strength and a very good singer beside him.

Apart from that, the Blackfield were good, but without being impressive, the Vaccines strong enough, although they didn't have the best sound and our Baby Guru and Monovine with interesting and diverse musical suggestions.

More from Sofia Vita review at the Festival.

photo from Theodore Markou

The Cover photograph belongs to Theodore Markou

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