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Moby @ Earth Theater: Feeling So Real

Along with me, more than five thousand (?) Thessalonians took the uphill and almost filled the Earth theater.
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This photo was taken by Moby and uploaded at  his site .

When such a large and recognizable artist comes to town you are stupid not to honor him  with your presence, and even if it bothers you that people at the concert would be relatively unaware of such events. It has its good parts, anyway. So along with me, more than five thousand (?) Thessalonians took uphill and nearly filled the crowded
Earth  theater. Advance sale had gone well enough for mister Richard Melville Hall (there were only at about three hundred tickets left for the box office at the theater), and thus arriving at a little after eight I was among the people waiting patiently to go inside the theater.

Passing into the interior, I see all that usual in big concerts and I had missed. Promotion of products and large advertising balloons of known beer. All that that is so combined with the big name concerts and can fill in the time until one enters the main dish of the day. Music. The time was almost eight and a half and I was walking around, meeting a lot of acquaintances as Moby has collected all the alternative and not so alternative community of the city. Most tell me how they await today's concert. The same goes for me.

The photos belong to Mars Boura

Five to nine and Monsieur Minimal aka Chris Tsitroudis made its appearance on stage. He, a guitar and an electronic musician on the laptop. Monsieur is all about the warm up, as he said, and thanked the organizing company, gave us a forty five minutes set with songs mainly from the first album 'Lollipop. He was good, Monsieur, and the world seemed to be quite entertained. It was the right choice for the opening of Moby, and a decent presence and his music can be heard at a broad audience. Because I've seen him several times live, I must say time has come to present something more "rich" and different in live performances. Maybe to enrich with instruments his sound, perhaps, to give a more "live" feeling. We were warmed up by Monsieur Minimal, but I do not know how many of those who do not know him will be concerned beyond this live with him.

It's ten o'clock. Time to refuel, the first pit stop.

From the twitter of Detox announced that Moby around ten will come out on stage in
Earth theater. So he did. The lights lowered, a deep purple light spread across the theater and with the promotional red lights of spectators created a nice atmosphere. Applause from the audience, mobile cameras were on for entry on the scene, and ... let's go!

The photos belong to Mars Boura

A drummer, a bassist, a girl on violin, one on synths, Joy Malcolm the singer that would capture us with her the voice in a little bit and littleidiot made their entrance on stage enjoying an almost overwhelming acceptance. Introduction with God Moving Over the Face of the Waters and start with a dynamic execution In My Heart. Then Raining Again and Go, the night on fire. After the necessary photographs decide to change part of monitoring. Not very good idea. So as to bring tons down, Moby threw in Why does my heart feel so bad? Calms a bit the people and it is our chance to move. We all made of stars. To the left of the stage beneath the speaker is much better. Beautiful. Less crowded, more space for dancing. Bodyrock. The set list honors properly Play. Flower, Porcelain. My favorite In This World in a fantastic performance violin and the lovely voice of Joy moves me. I got the chills in Extreme Ways once again. I didn't know that this piece goes so far in the world. Oh, Babe!

Moby is restless throughout the duration of the concert. Up and down the stage, once on the right and then on the left, he applauded the audience and they reciprocated. Up lifting, tells us when he wrote the songs and that he dedicates them to this night in this magical and amazing country. Of course we all want to leave the country, but that is another issue. He doesn't forget to thank us. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Efkaristo. Most pieces are played quite powerful. A mixture of house and dance rock. He has a great "black" voice near him and he makes a lot of it.

After a break from the more recent work with Shot in the Back of the Head, Disco Lies, which is one of the highlights of the evening, and Stars , in which he is leaving aside the electric and gets the sticks. He has climbed in the second set of drums and a little later I notice a pair of bongos on stage hitting with gusto. Go back to Play: Natural Blues . It's a greatest hits set list, giving weight to Play, there is no doubt. Modifies the classical Wholla Lotta Love of Led Zeppelin. I am one of those who would like the New Dawn Fades. Quick second pit stop.

Back in the game and again dance, Honey. By the next song the whole theater was standing and going up and down. Lift Me Up as it says. With this he would said goodbye to move to our encore. Playing the Go to the top there was no doubt what part was closing the concert. We were greeted politely thanked us all and one by one, and the monotonous beat of the rave anthem to 140 bmp started vibrating the atmosphere. Cheery, professional, and polite, Moby was very good. We had a great time, even if we didn't take off. Feeling So Real.

Ultimately it was a very good concert. As far as I know there was nothing wrong in the organization. Everything went smoothly and on time, the large in size people left excited, the set list was as much needed in duration. More than an hour and a half. The personal objections to the choice of songs will always be there, but I think we all left happy at the end.


1.Intro (God Moving Over the Face of the Waters)
2.In My Heart
3.Raining Again
5.Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
6 . We Are All Made of Stars
(Benny Benassi Remix)
11.In This World
12.Extreme Ways
13.Shot in the Back of the Head
14.Disco Lies
15.The Stars
16.Natural Blues
17.Whole Lotta Love
(Led Zeppelin cover)
19.Lift Me Up

20.Feeling So Real

This photo taken by himself Moby and uploaded 'at his site .

thank you greece!

here are pictures from athens and thessaloniki (with the amazing thessaloniki backstage tunnel in between ...).
thanks again for a wonderful 2 days in greece.


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