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Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club – Interview

A few days ago, we talked with Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club for Cuban music, their new material, economic crisis and their concerts in Greece.
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A few days ago, we talked with Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club for Cuban music, new material, economic crisis and their concerts in Greece.

Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club will give the following shows:

Monday 4th of July - Lecabetus Theater, Athens
Wednesday 6th of July - Μoni Lazariston, Thessaloniki
Friday 8th of July - Technopolis Theater, Iraklio of Creta

MG: Do you feel that tradition is being renewed by young Cuban musicians? And if yes, how?
OBVSC: There are lots of young musicians in Cuba, who are play their own styles, like timba, reggetón, jazz so there is a great music scene in Havana, and it is growing constantly.

MG: Towards what direction is the band moving?
OBVSC: Touring around the world spreading the traditional Cuban music.

MG: Is there any new material?
OBVSC: We are always improvising, so there is always new material.

MG: Are we to expect a new album soon or do you consider yourselves a touring band?
OBVSC: Touring is something that we love. All this communication with the people this something that can’t be replaced. Regarding a new album, we can’t say something official yet but a new album is always in our plans.

MG: The "Buena Vista Social Club" film was very successful and won so many awards. I think that it made its goal to show Cuban music to all the people. Do you have in mind to do something similar in the future?
OBVSC: The film was not our idea, it was Wim Wnders  who shot the shows in the Carre Theater in Amsterdam and Carnegie Hall in New York, two very prestigious venues, though after the film’s releases, everything moved up to another level.  The film certainly helped to promote the music.

MG: Is there any possibility to cooperate again with Ry Cooder?
OBVSC: Ry Cooder is one of the world’s finest musicians. The band is always open to such collaborations.

MG: What kind of music is the young generation listening to?
OBVSC: The younger generations study the traditional Cuban music, as well as classical and other Latin American rhythms, and it is with this base, this understanding that they then our on developing their own sounds. There are also some kids who listen to more west sounds like hip hop but this is very nice because blending different sounds is a very creative and productive process.

MG: Do you believe that economic crisis in all over the world can create new musical movements, which will influence many people?
OBVSC: Music always speaks straight to the heart. We don’t have to wait for difficulties, we must always listen to our heart. This is the only way to do thinks better.

MG: What to expect in your concerts in Greece? Something to say to your fans here in Greece?
OBVSC: We will play tradition Cuban songs, danzones, cha cha cha, boleros, guajiras, etc. There will be some classic songs in the set, we plan to have you on your feet and dancing!

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