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Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club:"We were" for a little while in Cuba...

Since we do not go to Cuba it comes to us. Of course I am referring to the appearance by the Buena Vista Social Club Orquesta at Lycabettus. This is a live we should have an appointment for every year ...
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The photos belong to Anna Evangelopoulou

Monday evening I am at the Theatre of Lycabettus Hill to witness the appearance of the
Buena Vista Social Club Orquesta. Despite the fact that they come quite often in our country, I for some inexplicable reason, kept postponing. My mistake!

started gathering slowly at 8:20 and taking positions for a good perspective of the stage. People entering the theater were of all ages and diverse musical preferences. Besides, Cuban music is so great that it does not go unnoticed by any music enthusiast.

The time was 10, the theater had not completely filled, but the size of the crowd was quite satisfactory. The lights lowered and amid strong applause
the scene filled with the 13-band members .. They begun with El Carretero in low-key but quite nice pace and incredible melody. The sound is great and everything suggests that we'll have a great time. The audience and members of the band are equally excited by the early minutes of the live. Followed by many other interesting pieces at a similar pace and in some of them, Carlos Calunga, other than his vocal abilities, showed us his dancing ones. Of course, for that matter, you can not be from Cuba and not have the rhythm in you.

On the nice moments of
the evening were included the solos from all instruments but particularly those presented by the original band members. The excellent Barbarito Torres on the traditional lute of Cuba, Guajiro Mirabal on trumpet and Jesús "Aguaje" Ramos on trombone. It was one of the most beautiful solos I've heard, without exaggeration.

the pace changed a bit and became more upbeat. We heard the beautiful De Camino A La Vereda, the quite powerful Toma Chocolate in which I noticed that several of the people who were in the stands got to the area in front of the stage and danced.

On the hour, the band starts playing the first notes of the very famous and my favorite Chan Chan. I do not know what to tell you of those
3-4 minutes that it lasted, it was just a magical moment. Followed by El Cuarto de Tula with plenty of drums and the melodic Dos Gardenias, accompanied by trumpets. To close the evening we had the pretty Candella .

After 1 hour and 20 minutes the band bid us farewell and the crowd insisted with strong applause for a few more minutes of Cuban music.

Overall it was a very nice live, quite well organized, with very good sound, great audience and a band that always comes with the best mood. I would like it to have lasted longer but I do not mind ... next time!

Because once you go to a live by Buena Vista you will definitely want to go back.

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