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Minute by Minute: Rockwave Festival Day 3 (Prodigy, Kuyss, Gogol Bordello, Monster Magnet)

Updates and photos from the gigs of Prodigy, Kuyss, Gogol Bordello, Monster Magnet along with our own comments are going to be published constantly.
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In a little while we are going to arrive at Terra Vibe and the live report is about to begin. Updates and photos from the gigs of Prodigy, Kuyss, Gogol Bordello, Monster Magnet along with our own comments are going to be published constantly. You can send us your own comments via facebook and Twitter.

16.42: Good evening from Terra Vibe, which is as crowded as we used to remember it in the past. Therapy? are on Vibe Stage right now.

17.28: We have just listened to “Nowhere” and now “I’ ve got nothing to do” (Screamager) which is the last song. It is really crowded here. We are going to Terra Stage now to listen to Monster Magnet. The have just started to play.

17.45: Real rock n roll from Monster Magnet. The sound is pretty good.

18:30: "Look to your orb for the warning", "Dinosaur Vacume", The right stuff", "Space lord". Monster Magnet were good. The crowds in Terra Vibe are quite different today. While hard rockers were excited with Monster Magnet, fans of Prodigy and Gogol Bordello may got tired.

Monster Magnet

18:36: Waiting for Kyuss.

19.00: Technology made it difficult for us to continue reporting.. Today in Terra Vibe were probably more than 20 000 people, as a result mobile stations couldn’t cover so many people. Despite that fact, we kept on writing down our comments, but couldn’t make it on reporting them on time.




19:03: Kyuss are on stage! They begin with “Gardenia”.

19:10: “Thumb” is on the row. Kyuss are powerful and people response greatly to them. Lots of dancing and getting wet... Few problems with sound, it seems like the plug of Olivieri’s bass doesn’t fit.

19:35: “One inch man”, “Odyssey” και “Supa scoopa and mighty scoop”. The problems on the plug of the bass are still obvious.

20:01: Kyuss leave us after playing “El Rodeo”. They have just played “100” and “Troutman”. They were really good, even if, in my opinion, they could turn the audience on, as it was already on, just listening to them...

20:20: Vibe Stage was full waiting for Flogging Moly. Please allow me not to write much about them, since they didn’t have much to say.. But this is only my opinion...

Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello

21:15: Gogol Bordello are right on time.

21:32: “Not a crime” and “Wonderlust King” now. Gogol Bordello consist of many voices and instruments as usual. Of course this sometimes means not good sound, but this doesn’t matter in the concerts of Gogol Bordello.

21:46: “My Compajnera” and now, “Last one goes hope”. At the end of the song, Gogol make cries, just like birds...

22:07: “Trans-Continental Hustle”, “Immigraniada” and “Break the spell” now.

23:16: “Pala Tute” and “Start wearing purple for the end”. Gogol Bordello were as good as they were years ago, but nothing more than that... The break is filled with electronic music, waiting for Prodigy.



22:45: Lights go down and flash lights begin. Prodigy are on stage and "World's on fire".

22:51: Dance has begun for good and smoke is already on... “Breath” and we go back to the 90s.

23:04: “Omen” played before with cheers and “Poison” is on the row. “All my fucking people here...”

23:27: The sound is perfect! I think Prodigy are really energetic and play - communicate with people. “Thunder”, “Warriors' Dance” and “Voodoo people” now! One of my favorites!

23:42: “Omen (reprise)”, “Invaders must die” and a little bit of “Diesel Power”.

23:48: “Smack my bitch up” for the end of the set. A lot of smoke, dancing and the classical play in which we all sit down so as to stand up altogether the moment music turns on.

23:50: Encore begins with "Take me to the Hospital".

23:08: Pretty nice playing of “Their Law” and they finish with my favorite "Out of Space". At the end of the song, music got down so as people could sing the chorus. Nice ending, even if in my opinion they could play more. They could play one more song, since according to the schedule they would end at 23.15.

Nevertheless, it was a wonderful show from the Prodigy people!


22:45 World's On Fire
Thunder (Dubstep version)
Warrior's Dance
Run With the Wolves
Voodoo People
Omen (Reprise)
Diesel Power
Invaders Must Die
Smack My Bitch Up

Take Me to the Hospital
Their Law
0:08 Out of Space

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