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U2 - Achtung Baby: Twenty years old and celebrating

Achtung Baby turns 20 and is covered by Jack White, Patti Smith, Deepeche Mode, etc.

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Achtung Baby was the seventh album by Irish rocker U2. It was released on November 19, 1991 by Island Records and this year is the twentieth anniversary (of that release). U2 are celebrating with multiple versions of the album and a documentary that opened the Toronto Film Festival.

In a press conference in Toronto, Bono, announced a Covered Achtung Baby. Jack White, Depeche Mode , Patti Smith and Damian Rice are some of the artists to remix songs of the album. Information are that Jack White will handle the cover of 'Love Is Blindness' Depeche Mode the 'So Cruel', Patti Smith the 'Until the End of the World', and Damien Rice the 'One'.

Also, Bono said that the artist Damien Hirst ( see the cover of I'm with you - Red Hot Chili Peppers ) has recently completed a video for 'Even Better Than The Real Thing'. Bono said "(Hirst) He made a very special artistic creation, which screened once and
will probably not screen again". Those who of you who were at Glastonbury this year saw the video during the song.

Bono was asked which song from Achtung Baby could be released now. Without hesitation Bono said 'Even Better Than The Real Thing'. "There's a release of a remix, which is amazing, titled Fish Out of Water remix, which I would like to release as a single", he said. "I am trying to convince some people about it, even today. It has that something by Damien Hirst. Damien had a hand in this mix. This is the first and last song of the film". You can listen to it below.

The documentary of U2 is the first documentary that opened the festival in Toronto, called 'From the Sky Down' and deals with the artistic development of the complex relations among its members. It has been directed by Davis Guggenheim, who had first worked in 2008 with The Edge for the documentary 'It Might Get Loud'. It will be released in October and will be broadcasted by the network Showtime.

The versions of the album will be five and will be released in
October 31. Rare performances of songs and B-sides will be included in them. Richer versions will include 6 CD and 4 DVD with extra material, such as the film Zoo TV: Live from Sydney (1994), the documentary From the Sky Down, rare unreleased songs, remixes, the eighth album Zooropa (1993), and an album with demos of songs from Achtung Baby.

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