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The Cribs - interview

Dimitris Antonopoulos talked with Ryan Jarman from The Cribs about their new plans, their fame and time travel!
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Dimitris Antonopoulos: So, first of all, what can we expect here in ATHENS from THE CRIBS really? Any comment for the Greek fans here..?
Ryan Jarman:
Well we are really excited to be playing there, that's the main thing. After being on tour for almost 10 years there aren't that many places we haven't played, so to be coming somewhere new is really exciting for us. I can't wait.

D.A.: Listenin' to 'IN THE BELLY OF THE BRAZEN BULL' i must say that it’s a REALLY good album (many airplays @ my radioshow/ROCKZONE by the way) so is there a special inside story really? A good Rock & Roll story about the makin' of maybe?
Well Cassadaga where we made the record with Dave Fridmann is a very secluded place, and there was only one bar there. Somehow one night me and Ross ended up on the bar, grabbing bottles of spirits and pouring them into peoples’ mouths. Then the bar got set on fire. Strange things happen in small towns. I love that.

D.A.: Is there a new on the way really? Already? Here’s the internet era after all…(!) so is there a project for some new material/songs for 2012?
Next year will be the official 10 year anniversary of The Cribs so there will definitely be something happening to coincide with that. We have some songs left over from In The Belly of the Brazen Bull sessions with Steve Albini that we didn't use purely because we recorded too many songs that we intended on being part of a new album, so maybe we'll continue work on that too. It's hard to say at the moment, we are always writing new stuff though. I also have a new band in New York where I live now and I have almost finished recording a record with that so I'm sure that will be out soon too.

D.A.: What i like most about 'IN THE BELLY..' is the sense of 'space' between the songs, here’s a very 'balanced' record i mean… So, how do you feel listening to your previous records really? Looking from a distance..?
I still have a lot of affection for the first record…I don't know, I feel like that is the most pure representation of the band and what it started out intending to be. The fact it was recorded in a week for £1000 before we had a record deal just makes it feel very special to me.

D.A.: Are you 'the biggest cult band in the UK' as 'Q' magazine said once..?
I guess we must be! I think it's nice to be recognised in that way if I'm totally honest, the fact that our fans are so devoted to us is very important and I think that's where that reputation comes from. I wouldn't be comfortable just having a casual fan base or being a flavour of the month, it's far more important to actually mean something to people.

D.A.: What do you think about the music press in the UK really..?
I prefer to listen to music than read about it really, I tend to not take too much notice of what is going on around me as I like to stay as unaffected as I can.

D.A.: Can you tell me some of your fav bands/artist for 2012?
My favourite new band at the minute is Thrillionaire from LA, you should check them out here: www.facebook.com/thrillionairemusic. Also, I just produced the debut record by This Many Boyfriends which I think is really good.

D.A.: Here’s my classic question… Let’s say that we can have a time machine (!) for the next 24 hours… WHERE and WHY you would like to go for a whole day really..?
At the minute, sat in a hotel room on a grey Sunday in London, I'd be happy just to go back home (I've just moved to New York). I'd probably just visit specific times from my own lifetime I think, I can be such a melancholy fool at times, just missing the not too distant past and wanting to go back to it. Never appreciating the present, just missing the past.

D.A.: For the end, what is Rock & Roll nowadays for THE CRIBS?
I just bought some red leather trousers. That's pretty rock 'n' roll right?

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