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FM to WEB: Martha Davis (Interview)

Martha Davis of the Motels talks to Dimitris Antonopoulos
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Yes! I'm confident that this year will bring many new projects including a new album as well as videos and more.

I'm not one that "lives in the past" I love the challenge of the future and the unknown. My memories of the past are fond ones, there were many struggles, but there was also a tremendous amount of excitement, wonderful friendships that continue to this day. The business when I started was a very different one. Capitol Records was a wonderful label, full of very talented, and music oriented staff... I know that sounds strange, (music oriented staff at a record label?) but it seems to me that now days the record companies are run more by business men than music men. We were a very lucky band, the label stuck with us through three albums, that while critically acclaimed were disappointing sales wise ... one was not even released. Not until the forth album did we have success in the US market. I don't think that would happen today, in those days it was called artist development. The advent of the internet has changed everything! In so many ways it would be a whole article in it's self, let's just say it's a "Brave New World"...

I have been following the struggles in Greece, it is heartbreaking to me, and a familiar story around the world... It seems that there is A LOT of money, for a few people... the rest of us, who work hard just trying to live a simple life are paying for the whims of the most entitled... don't get me started.

The secret to energy is the old law of physics... objects in motion stay in motion... objects at rest stay at rest. I have two speeds, I'm either doing something or I'm asleep. I find I'm always amazed by life, thrilled by it's beauty, challenged by it's brutality, that we still see so much. Stay engaged! Don't just listen, hear! Don't just see, see from someone else's eyes, and my favorite expression... there is no free lunch... work is the noblest of traditions, so work, and if you possibly can, work at what you love... that's where I'm a lucky girl.

Igor Stravinsky... The Rite of Spring
Ravel... Daphnis et Chloe
West side Story
everything by David Bowie... especially Outside and Low
Miles Davis... Sketches of Spain
(you know that is the hardest question ever asked, that is always asked! there is so much great music that I love... not fair)

I have never been to Greece. I have wanted to go forever, there was a movie The Tempest, with a very young Susan Sarandon, John Cassavetes, and the incredible Gena Rowlands, that was set in Greece, it was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen... I would love to come, and will work on it... if not this year, maybe next?

The strange thing about me is that I would probably go no where... I live on a farm in Oregon it's beautiful. I have a million projects I'm always working on, and I think that's one of my favorite things to do. Wake in the morning, feed the dogs, clean the house, work in the garden... it's an old house that needs a lot of love, so there are so many things to do, and I love doing them.
I'm trying to create a farm that is a "perma culture" sustainable farm. I have a farmer that helps out, because I travel so much. There are sheep, goats, dairy cows, calves and pigs, ducks, chickens, llamas a donkey, turkeys and of course cats. Right now I have a bunch of new hatched chicks in my bathroom. I split my life between Rock and Roll, cities and stages and the life on the farm. My home is also where I write, where I pick up my acoustic guitar and write songs... my home is my favorite place... but then I haven't been to Greece...

The story of Only the Lonely is very short... let me explain... every now and then a song will disregard you're involvement... will just show up demanding to be heard. Only the Lonely was one of those, I sat down picked up my guitar and it was already there. Cords, lyrics, arrangement, just there... I like to say it "fell out" of my guitar. I have always said the best ones are the ones you're least involved with... in other words get out of your own way. The truth comes from the inner self, the stream of conciseness, the one's where we don't have excuses or analyze, where it's raw. Only the Lonely came from there...

What we do on stage is I do agree a part of what we perceive our selves to be... an exaggerated version of personality or perhaps an avenue of escape, a longing for grandeur, or at some point just acceptance... most performers, (in the states at least) I find many stories like my own, a very shy and insecure person that found my peace and strength on stage. I have said often that the stage has been my therapy and strangely I get paid, rather than paying for therapy. I feel there is a difference between artists and performers, there are some that come from the heart, and some that come from the ego side, driven by success rather then artistic drive... regardless of the the motive, music and the arts are one of the most important life bloods of the world... creativity is the solution to all our problems, if it's science, engineering, music, acting, teaching, exploring, writing, they are all are possible cures to what ails us.

so my Grecian friends, be well, carry on with courage, know that history has said it is the people that run the engine, we are the engine... try not to lose hope, each one of us is unique and has something to bring, be creative! This is the time to out smart those that think their so smart...

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