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What is Grime, mom?

 Grime is this new violent music movement from England with roots from UK
Garage, 2-step and Dancehall. Dark, with a distant origin from Caribbean side ...

04/02/10 15:40

A chat with SugahSpank!

Unfortunately, all interviews begin with the effort of the writer to persuade us that it was really warm, the artist was very friendly and all the sudden they became best friends. And by saying unfortunately, I mean that is the reason why I have no way to describe our meeting with SugahSpank! (Georgia Kalafati) and be able to communicate that from the moment she entered our home with her favorite wine as a gift, until she left, everything felt so familiar, as if we have always hung out together… So, because I don’t know how to persuade the readers I am telling the truth, I will just try to present a part of our conversation with her.

11/03/09 07:00