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Τραγούδια - Ιούλιος 2015

Only music will keep us sane.
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Ακούστε εδώ τα τραγούδια που σας προτείνουν οι συντάκτες για το δύσκολο φετινό Ιούλιο:

Giorgio Moroder feat. Kelis – Back and forth
Hot Chip - Dark Night
Jill Scott – Fool’s gold
Jimmy Somerville – Some wonder
Leon Bridges – Coming home
Mark Ronson feat. Kevin Park - Daffodils
Mark Ronson – I can’t lose (Artful remix)
Maroon 5 - This Summer
Miguel – Coffee
Miguel feat. Lenny Kravitz – Face the sun
Of Monsters and Men – Crystals
Ryn Weaver – The fool
Sleaford Mods – Face to faces
Synapson feat. Anna Kova - All in you
Tame Impala – Eventually
The Arcs - Stay in my corner
The Chemical Brothers - Go
The Chemical Brothers – Under the neon lights
The Maccabees – Something like happiness
WhoMadeWho - Ember
Will Butler - Anna
Will Young - Love Revolution
Years & Years – Foundation

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