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Ministry of Sound released the collection The Underground 2009. Triple mixed compilation that every disc has its own character.

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Ministry of Sound released the collection The Underground 2009. Triple mixed cd where each disc has its own character. First disc contains commercial house tracks like out Only One by Chris Lake (GIDM 0844), 01 and 09 of playlist. Third disc contains minimal electro house tracks with no particular interest except 02 and 04 of playlist. In second part, which is the collection point of attention, there are progressive house tracks like 03, 05, 06, 07 and 08 of playlist, as well as the melodic Dark Flower of Robert Babicz in Magnolia Mix of Joris Voorn (G-I-D-M 0845). Our Rate 90/100.
The playlist, which closes with an old track (1994), can be downloaded to the unit mix of Mix Grill Sets of Mix Grill Forum.


01 Kidda - Under The Sun (Herve's Ain't No Sunshine Mix)
02 Onionz feat Snow - Nothin But Love (Tiger Stripes Remix)
03 Piemont - Black Smoker
04 Flip and Djuma Soundsystem - Jaded
05 Mason - The Ridge
06 Dubfire Vs Oliver Huntemann - Diablo
07 Deadmau5 feat MC Flipside - Bye Friend < BR> 08 Henrik Schwarz and Ame and Dixon - DPOMB (Version 1)
09 ATFC - Praise To The JBs
10 Rising High Collective - Tangled in my Thoughts (HardFlor remix)