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Mobilia :: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart S/T

There is no loss of good intentions from the debut album in Slumberland of  the -despite the obvious English attitude-American ( New York ), 20 + The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart . Simple, blissful melodies, languid fell-good vocals, tom boy attitude, crystal production, the house clean, tidy and arranged.

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There are also some good compositions ( Stay Alive, Contender , Come Saturday, Everything With You ), the problem is that there are  intolerable cliche, the shameless copying, the tasteless, almost powerless vocals, and the - sometimes- unavoidable regression around a concept of absolute insistence on familiar and safe music havens, without the mood for innovations.

The obvious influences ( My Bloody Valentine , The Jesus And Mary Chain ,The Pastels , etc. ) do not disturb me, what is disturbing is the fact that it isn't reason for music exploration and innovation, but only the vehicle for the trivial, shallow musical reproduction and  meretricious style. An example of the lack of inspiration that dominates the atmosphere, is Gentle Sons which closes the album with drums to repeat almost in all the duration of the track, the manner of Just Like Honey of Jesus .

I don't require from such groups to shake the musical foundation, but I think it is perfectly legitimate to expect something more than blind adherence to tried and tested recipes from the past and hypocrisy of invasive research and opinion!, let alone-and that is infuriating in this case-when the whole thing is offered in a package " presumably the next big thing" . The same- but exactly the same -has been told by others and was much better.


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