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[RE!nvent] Summer Swing

A collection of sounds from swing, twist and go go as would be played today. Put in the shaker from Koop to Christina Aguilera and Joe Garland to Duffy. Then shake well and enjoy with plenty of ice to keep cool untill serving. Enjoy!
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01. Andy Lewis - The Secret Life Of AJ Lewis
02. Koop - Come to Me
03. The Puppini Sisters - Heebie Jeebies
04. Joe Garland - In The Mood
05. Christina Aguilera - Candyman
06. The Pipettes - Pull Shapes
07. Truby Trio - A Go GO
08. Sonny J - Handsfree
09. The Jazzinvaders - Art Mbekie
10. Frankie Valli VS The Four Seasons - Beggin '
11. Belleruche - Minor Swing
12. Caravan Palace - Brotherswing
13. Parov Stelar - Libella Swing
14. Kenneth Bager feat. the Hellerup Cool School Choir - Fragment Eight ... the Sound of Swing
15. Electrotwist - I wonder what the next move will be
16. The Filthy 6 - Knockout
17. The Raveonettes - Ode to L.A.
18. Mazzy Starr - HALAH
19. Greenhornes - There Is an End
20. Duffy - Mercy
21. April March - Chick Habit

I'ld like you to stop looking at the pin up girl on the cover for a moment and give me a little attention. Thanks! I don't know if you realized it but it's almost summertime. Some may have already made their first dive. So, as the temperature rises, we need the appropriate music to accompany us this interim period between spring and summer. Something jolly to brighten our spirits without jamming the idea of the beach in our minds (see reggae). That would have the opposite effect. Our imagination would go to the beach, reality the city and we'ld be stuck with wishing, tottering on the verge of depression.

This collection has plenty of fresh sounds from swing, bebop, twist and go go. Enjoy!

PS: Now you can continue to look at the cover. Thank you for your time.
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