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Innocent songs-0929 (Florence, Arctic Monkeys, Pearl Jam)

Even though we are in the middle of the summer  the time is not good for new releases, we searched and found several good new music. The new British muse Florence, the fresh Arctic Monkeys, Pearl Jam Kasabian , even the new song of Thom Yorke.

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(01) Florence & the Machine - Rabbit heart (Raise it up) (9 / 10): Much of the hype around Florence in the UK is to some extent justified, because the British see in her a new "product" , which has a separate style and can make success  around the world. With many elements of Tori Amos and something from Kate Bush, Florence  has created one of the best songs I heard this year. Listen to the whole album ( "Lungs") here

(02) Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning (9 / 10): Excellent first single from the upcoming new album of Monkeys "Humbug" (expected to be released on August 19). With elements from "505" of the previous album, but a little more dynamic, the "Crying Lightning" keeps the seal of the band, along with the experimentation of Last Shadow Puppets. Listen to here .

(03) Pearl Jam - Got Some (9 / 10): Not released yet and we have heard only the emission of Conan O 'Brien on NBC. This video has been watched by millions of music lovers. "Got Some"  belongs to the new album of the band "Backspacer", which is expected on September 20. This is a song that reminds me of times "Vs" and "Ten". Watch  here and tell me your opinion.

(04) Manic Street Preachers - This Joke Sport Severed (9 / 10): The "This Joke Sport Severed "  gives a different note on the album with the lyric (excellent!) and finish with searches throughout the course of it. One of the songs that stand out this year, not a single like "Green Day - Know your enemy". Listen and download here .

 (05) Kasabian - Thick as thieves (8 / 10) : In an excellent album, in "Thick as thieves' is one of the quiet moments with respect to most of the songs, but with very strong super Chorus. Back in the 60s - 70s in a Zeros way. Listen to the entire album here .

(06) A mountain of one - Bones (8 / 10): Post rock songs with vocals and music, which refer to Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd, of course. Read the review of StavrosT in Collected Works of AMO1 here . Listen to the song here .

(07) Jack Penate - Tonight's Today (8 / 10): From the very happy song, which I hear these days thereafter. Read the presentation of "Everything is new" in the Jack Penate, PePe here . Listen to the track here .

(08) Dinosaur Jr - Pieces (8 / 10): Every time I hear this magnificent and full of J Mascis guitar makes me like them even more. Their new album Farm (23/06) has taken fairly good reviews from major music magazines. Listen to here .
(09) Thom Yorke - All for the Best (7,5 / 10): This is a fresh song from my personal favorite "Tom", which opens the collection: "Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy ", which was created in honor of Mark Mulcahy's wife, who died and left Mark to bring up their children all alone. The "All for the best" is Miracle Legion's and you can listen to it here .

(10) Simple Minds - Rockets (7,5 / 10): It is the first single from the new album "Graffity Soul"  of the good old guys  the Simple Minds. The album is quite interesting, just like the single. Listen to the "Rockets" here .

(11) Iggy Pop - Nice to be dead (7,5 / 10): It is perhaps the only song  from "Preliminaires", reminiscent of the old Iggy. Hear the whole album here .

(12) Flakes - Wish (7 , 5 / 10): We all expected that they will win the Coca Cola Soundwave contest, even if we like the music of the Pop Eye, Loonattack and Le Page. The "Wish" in their final appearance was perhaps the best moment of Soundwave. Listen to it  here .

(13 ) Broken Records - Until the Earth begins to part (7,5 / 10): It's been some time since we have written about Broken Records from Edinburgh and their melodies. In their debut album "Until the Earth begins to part" that was released on June 1 and the homonymous song is one of their singles of the album. Listen to it here .
(14) Eminem - Beautiful (7,5 / 10): I do not need to say  anything about the commercial success that has been in our country and other countries for the new album of Eminem "Relapse". Not impressed, but not bored of the album. "Beautiful" is the 5th and last single of the album. Listen to the entire  album here .

Wilco (15) Wilco - I 'll fight (7,5 / 10): Very interesting new work of Wilco ( "Wilco (The album)"), which may have been released on June 30, but we have heard it from the official site of the band since mid May. The reason was certainly the circulation of it on the Internet. Listen to the album here . Download the song here .

(16) Dead Weather - Treat me like your mother (7 / 10): The new super group with members from White Stripes (Jack White of course), Raconteurs, Kills and Queens of the Stone Age released the debut album "Horehound" in the 14 th of this month. Listen to the very interesting Dead Weather (entire album) in Facebook .

(17) Moby - Mistake (7 / 10): The always nice Moby, although music fans are tired to see him any time in our country. If you notice the updates, which he makes in his official page, you will see that you have to do with a very sensitive man. Listen to the whole "Wait for me" here .

(18) Regina Spektor - Folding Chair (7 / 10): At 29, Regina Spektor has 5 albums in her assets, with  "Far" being the latest (released on June 23). Moderate album with "Folding Chair"  as one of the songs  that stand out. Listen to the entire album here .

(19) U2 - Stand up comedy (8 / 10): The group has already dedicate itself in preparing a new album, which will probably be called "Songs of Ascent" and released in 2009 or 2010. ... They are now taking time with the "No Line on the Horizon". The "Stand up comedy" comes from both the past of U2,  and has some elements of African drums, but remains a classic rock song. Listen to the entire album here.

- Nine Inch Nails - Piggy (9 / 10): Even if they were late for many years, even if their work(s) is/are relatively modest, the future emergence of Nine Inch Nails with the Janes Addiction is one of the events of the summer concerts. Listen to it
here .

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