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Festivals Vs Bad Weather: Primavera Sound Festival Vol.2

Following the first article with the responses sent to us by Beba Naveira (Primavera), we publish today the new answers we received in 5 specific questions, which we think are some of the key questions all of us have regarding Festivals in battle against bad weather conditions.
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 In continuation to our first article with the responses sent to us by Beba Naveira (Press Office of the Primavera Sound Festival), we publish today the new answers we received in 5 specific questions, we feel are some of the key questions all of us have regarding Festivals in battle against bad weather .

Mix Grill: What material is used for the tent of each stage?

Beba Naveira : Plastic, Metal and wood.

MG : What kind of material is used for areas where the viewers are, in case of rainy days?

BN : The floor of the forum area is asphalted so no need to use small stones. We use wooden chips and tends for parts of the Green Areas or VIP / Press area so, the public can enjoy the concerts even in case of rain.

MG : In the case of a major storm or rain, are the concerts usually held or canceled?

BN :  Only if the storm would be so dangerous that part of the stage could fall and hurt somebody.

Primavera Sound Festival MG : Do you have an example where you had to cancel a concert or a whole day of the Festival?

BN : No.

MG :Do you have an insurance for Primavera Festival in case of a cancellation, because of bad weather?
BN : It depends on the edition, some years we had it and other years we didn't.
By the way, I forgot! We start checking the weather prognostics with the expert one month before the festival, and not only one week ahead as I wrote in the previous e-mail.

These and other questions presented in our Tribute "Festivals Vs bad weather" are questions that have gone through the minds of many fans over the  years. The challenge, in my opinion, is not to become Glastonbury, since this is impossible for several reasons. Different culture, interest in similar music, thousands of people supporting the Festival as volunteers, but also as spectators and of course there are many years of experience. 

Glastonbury, Reading and Roskilde can be difficult to be reached for a Greek Festival, but I think Primavera is not so far from our potential. The challenge is to think that a well-organized Festival, with "fresh" names and with the appropriate ad can bring some people from Greece and other countries. If you are Belgian or German for example, why wouldn't you combine vacation in Greece along with a good Festival?

Just think of how many Greek people, and not only Greeks, choose to travel every year to Barcelona in order to attend the Primavera Sound Festival . Why couldn't  this  happen ( even in a larger scale) for a Greek Festival? The objective, as written in the first article, is not to "attack" any company organizing concerts. The goal is to improve ourselves and finally to function having in mind long-term criteria!So that we can expect that, with serious work, a good name for the Festival can be created. After all, we live here and we want to see RadioheadU2Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chilly Peppers  live here and not to "emigrate" to other countries for that reason.
No more nagging then!
Positive thinking and hopefully we'll get improved!

The photos are from the Primavera Sound Festival site & the Drowned in Sound .

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