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Festivals Vs Bad Weather: Glastonbury, U.K.

Glastonbury has been, in my opinion, the largest Festival in the world, for years! How could they face bad weather conditions during the Glastonbury Festival,  which is quite common in their case (not this year's weather, however, which was an exception to the rule)?
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Glastonbury Festival The Glastonbury is, in my opinion, the biggest Festival in the world, and has been for quite some time now! Since 1970 until today, Glastonbury has hosted the most important names in music history of every period. The Festival takes place in  a vast farm, close to Bath and Bristol,  England (See the location of it here ).

Every year, months before the names of the artists that will participate in the Festival are announced, the tickets disappear within a few hours ! Indeed, each year  it is clear that the likelihood of rainy weather during the Festival is rather  big.

This year, the Glastonbury was held from Thursday 25th of June  untill Sunday 28th of June. Some of the names that appeared in one of the 24 stages of the Festival are as follows: 

Bruce Springsteen and the E-street band, Neil Young, Blur, Franz Ferdinand, Prodigy, Bloc Party, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Jarvis Cocker, Doves, etc.

How do the organizers of the Glastonbury Festival, then, face  bad weather conditions which are quite expected (with the exception of this year's weather conditions which were excellent) at this time of year? 

"We have installed extensive drainage channels and pipes and small stones under the fields at Worthy Farm, where Glastonbury Festival takes place, in order to improve the drainage when it rains.

When there was a lot of heavy rain in 2007, and some tents were flooded out on the Thursday night, we managed:

- to move everybody to drier ground,
give them shelter and
the show started only about an hour later than scheduled on Friday morning.
 We also have lots of straw available to put on the ground to soak up the mud and tractors available to pull out vehicles which get stuck.

Glastonbury takes place on a farm in a valley and we have had a number of experiences of bad weather - but we have learned a lot of lessons, are always making improvements, and we know that the show will go on and people will have a good time whatever the heavens throw at us. "

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