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Festivals Vs Bad Weather: Sweden Rock Festival

We just  received answers to our  questions submitted to Sweden Rock Festival, perhaps the biggest Festival in Sweden, concerning the Special tribute of Mix Grill "Festivals Vs Bad weather".

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Sweden Rock Festival Today, even with a bit of delay we got responses to questions submitted to Sweden Rock Festival, perhaps the biggest Festival in Sweden, on the Special Mix Grill tribute "Festivals Vs Bad weather".

The Sweden Rock Festival 2009 is in an area near the town of Solvesborg of Sweden. This year, held from 3 to 6 of June and some of the key names were as follows: Heaven & Hell, ZZ Top, Motorhead, In Flames, Twisted Sister, Dream Theater, Europe, Foreigner, Immortal etc.

Martin Forssman is the Press manager of Sweden Rock Festival and, on behalf of the festival, wrote the following: 
Mix Grill : What is the material used for the tent of each stage?

Martin Forssman : All our four outdoor stages are draped in cloth, which allows heavy wind to blow through it.

MG : What is the material  used for the audience areas, in case of a rainy day? For example, small stones or wooden chips.

Martin Forssman : Gravel (small stones). 

MG : In case of a big rain or storm, is the concert done or is it cancelled? 

Martin Forssman : If weather conditions would become a security hasard we would postpone or cancel the concerts. 
MG : Do you have an example, in which you had to cancel a concert or a whole  Festival day?

Martin Forssman : No, never in the  18 years of history of the Festival  have we had to cancel a concert.

MG : Do you give raincoats to the audience? 

Martin Forssman : No, but we have raincoats for sale.

MG : Do you have insurance for the Festival in the event of cancellation due to bad weather?

Martin Forssman : No.

More information about Sweden Rock Festival read here .