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Reading Festival 2009: Day 1

Our reader Michael L. found himself at the Festival and sent us his impressions on the first day ( Kings of Leon , Kaiser Chiefs , Placebo , etc.). Noteworthy is the end of the evening with the angry reaction of Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon .
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Late last month, 28, 29 and 30 August one of the biggest Festivals in the world, Reading was once again successful in the city, that gives its name to the Festival, in England.

Our reader Michael L. found himself at the Festival and sent us his impressions on the first day ( Kings of Leon , Kaiser Chiefs , Placebo , etc.). Noteworthy is the end of the evening with the angry reaction of Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon .

Read more in the analytical version of Michael, whom we much thank for the report !!!

OK for someone to write about Reading he must be in the appropriate mood. To jog his memory to be able to remember the emotions that the music, the people, the bands, the festival itself have created!

A bit of history: Reading Festival is a festival held each time the last weekend of August in the city Reading (just outside London). The festival has been held for 39 years and according to Wikipedia is the oldest international music festival. In those years all the big bands of the rock scene have made an appearance : Nirvana, The Who, Guns n Roses, Radiohead, Metalica, Rage Against The Machine, Oasis, Blur and the list goes on and on!

The purely musical festival time was 36 hours (12 each day). Perhaps the most comprehensive 36 hours of your life if you think that in these hours you've listened to all the bands that you need to, for the next year. This year's headliners on main stage (the festival was a total of 7 scenes!) Were Kings of Leon , the Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead ! For the full line up have a look here .

The festival takes place as mentioned above, in the last long weekend of August but the doors open from Thursday to welcome the festival-goers. The adventure begins our Wednesday evening when we arrive on the island. Thursday early morning we arrive at the festival along with thousands of English people together in the queue to exchange our ticket for the wristband that will allow us to enter and exit the festival site. Despite the size of the queue we're done within ten minutes and we were ready to live a full festival weekend!

Friday, the 28th August - the first day

The festival begins with relatively good weather (for the climate of England): Clouds and occasional rain! The day begins quietly with a visit to the smaller stages of the festival where names we've never before heard of were playing  ... Nevertheless, everyone was full of energy and a good mood!

As the hours passed more and more people went to the main stage (so we did the same). After a strong but somewhat uninteresting set of Deftones next were Fall out Boy that were ... the ultimate nothing! They sounded 2 to 3 times worse than the CD, without pace, absolutely no contact with the public and was generally one of the worst moments of the festival! The hours passed and the EMO-boys decided to leave the scene ... with a large portion of the crowd! Why? Because the next name was Placebo ! The very popular in Greece band played in front of a small (for Reading) public! The crowd was quite indifferent - did not know almost any song, except perhaps the " Every you Every me " - for the lattest, not a chance! Molco and his gang played a setlist that was indifferent, about the same as that heard in Rockwave in June (without Meds and 1-2 more to fit in the time they had). Very mediocre appearance (making their appearance in Rockwave grand) putting thoughts about the heading of the band.

After the quick passage of Placebo came time for Kaiser Chiefs . I must admit that I was very skeptical with respect to this band. A bit too happy (for my taste) songs, while their moderate last cd made me very hesitant on whether we should sit in the main stage and lose Jamie T who was playing at a smaller stage at the same time ... All fell away when the lights went out and they came to the scene! After asking whether we were in a dancing mood, the obviously thinner Ricky Wilson managed by the very first song to rouse us! The fad to ever walk up, down and climb the iron bars were evident in this live. Never miss a beat , Ruby , Every day I love you less and less : All played their part and we managed to warm us up for Kings of Leon , and also pleasantly surprise us! Crowning moment of the evening the I predict a riot , and the Angry mob !

And in the end? The Kings of leon ... Perhaps the most controversial show of those three days! Where should I start and how should I finish! I'd say it was one of the names to look forward to seeing mainly due to the extremely rapid rise of the band the last 3 years (a course resembling that of the Killers ). Last year they were the headliners in Glastonbury (the other big festival in England) and this year Reading .

Firstly the band decided to play mostly songs from their latest album (which made them famous to the largest section of the public), with virtually no reference to the oldest! Loose start with Be somebody and My party , with the crowd not responding mainly because of the strong winds which resulted in a very bad sound (yes, you read it right, it can happen elsewhere). The band had to wait a little longer than half an hour to realize that there was some people than knew their songs, when they played their no1 super radio hit : Sex on fire . Obviously annoyed the - otherwise likeable - Caleb Followill urged the crowd to sing with the band. People responded very positively to a point where we could not hear Caleb through the voices of the crowd! Unfortunately only for this song and Use Somebody . Beyond that, chaos! The set comes more to a close and after Use somebody, Caleb, gets furious, raising his middle finger to the public (saying it was very hard for them to get where they are now so anyone who does not like it could go $(*:*($ ) breaks his guitar and .. . the first night ends there!

... don't ask if there was an encore!

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