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Music is my radar October '09 (Girls, Air, Monsters of Folk, Hidden Cameras, Flaming Lips)

The release of the month is the debut by Girls who, despite their name, do not include any girl in their composition. The return of Air is in my opinion their best release since the Moon Safari.

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Each fall there are usually many interesting releases. We can not say that for 2009, since only a few really good albums have been released so far.

A notable exception is the debut by Girls who, despite their name, do not include any girl in their composition. Originating from San Francisco, they have repeatedly listened to Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, and several songs are also reminiscent of the Teenage Fan Club, as well as Jesus and Mary Chain. I especially enjoyed Lust for life , Laura , Ghost mouth , God damned and Morning light .

The return by Air , the most important French electro group, with Love 2 is in my opinion their best release since the Moon Safari in 1998, although Pe Pe has a slightly different view . I think the most outstanding tracks are Love , Sing sang sung , Be a bee and Tropical disease .

In the 18 songs of the double album Embryonic,Wayne Coyne and the rest Flaming Lips wander in psychedelic paths with excellent results in several compositions.
Karen O features I can be a frog , Watching the planets and Gemini Syringes, while the MGMT feature Worm mountain. Top tracks  are also Convinced of the hex and See the leaves. A detailed review of the album can be read here.

The fifth album by the Hidden Cameras entitled Origin: Orphan is quite decent and will not disappoint those who have loved them since The smell of our own. I mostly enjoyed In the NA, see here its terrific video,  as well as Walk on , Origin: Orphan and Kingdom come.

The British Wild Beasts have received very good reviews on their second release Two dancers, out of  which the most outstanding are the single Hooting & howling, The empty nest and the top in inspiration and title We still got the taste dancing on our tongues.

Ian Brown released My way, which is clearly not among his best solo releases, since the compositions are weak, with few exceptions such as the single Stellify, By all means necessary and Just like you. In this album, he also covers In the year 2525 .

For the romantic souls, the Prefab Sprout returned after 8 years with Let's change the world with music, consisting of compositions that had been rejected by their company in 1990, after the release of Jordan the comeback . I distinguished Let there be music, I love music and Last of the great romantics .

The Monsters of Folk is a super group by Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis from the Bright Eyes, Jim James from My Morning Jacket and M Ward. They are reminiscent of  Bob Dylan , Grandaddy and My Morning Jacket . The most outstanding are Dear God (sincerely MOF), Whole lotta losin ', Losin yo head , and The right place .

The Editors with In this light and on this evening make a complete turnaround in their sound orientation and move on more electronic paths. The end result sounds rather poor. Apart from the highly addictive Papillon, I distinguished Bricks and mortals and Like treasure .

The Vivian girls are 3 girls from Brooklyn, who have already created a warm audience. From Everything goes wrong, Can't get over you , The end , When I'm gone and Out for the sun stand out.


GIRLS - Album
AIR - Love 2
FLAMING LIPS - Embryonic
MONSTERS OF FOLK - Monsters of Folk
HIDDEN CAMERAS - Origin: Orphan
WILD BEASTS - Two dancers
PREFAB SPROUT - Let's change the world with music
IAN BROWN - My way
VIVIAN GIRLS - Everything goes wrong 
EDITORS - In this light and on this evening


AIR - Sing sang sung
GIRLS - Lust for life
PREFAB SPROUT - Let there be music
ARCTIC MONKEYS - Cornerstone
WILD BEASTS - Hooting & howling / Through the iron gate
MIKA - We are golden
HEALTH - Get color
JAMIE T - Chaka demus

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