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Ten music personalities of the 00s

From today and for the next few weeks you will see the cumulative lists of the editorial team of Mix Grill, as they have arisen from tens (or hundreds in some lists) proposals from our columnists.

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Since the beginning of 2009, you've read the relevant lists of ody and Leonidas from Caravel for the best (albums, singles, films, gigs) of each year of the first decade of the millennium (sounds ominous, hah?...)

From today and for the next few weeks you will see the cumulative lists of the editorial team of Mix Grill, as have emerged from dozens (or hundreds in some lists) proposals from our columnists. The final result is obtained by an internal vote of the writers.

We begin today with the selection of 10 persons , which in one or the other way influenced music in the Zeros. We searched to find people who we will remember for the 00s after many years without separating them to Greeks and foreigners.

As you'll read in most relevant lists, Jack White of White Stripes, the Raconteurs and Dead Weather will be on top, or certainly within the first three. The effect of the music created by White in each of these groups (especially in the first 2) is quite enough for most and the White Stripes are among the 3 groups - musicians, who stand in the Zeros (oops, we have another list there ...). To understand the value of Jack White, you need only 35 - 40 minutes of a live show (in the Beach Volley court), in addition to listening an slbum. This is certainly a great musical personality.

In the next place there are three great musicians. Two belong in this decade and one was in the same list of the 90s. Thom Yorke didn't just continue what he had created with the others in Radiohead in the decade but directed the band to new, more electronic, more experimental sounds, which may have kicked out some friends of the band, who knew only Karma Police and Creep, but created a much more fanatical audience, which follows their footsteps. Yorke himself within this decade has released his first solo album, and while in the band he has his own personal course. I don't need to tell you, of course, about live shows and voice capabilities ...

After Thom Yorke, there is the youngest in the gang, and certainly the most promising, without of course reducing the value of the others. Several knew his value from "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" (2006), while others discovered the synthetic talent, when he created a new band with Miles Kane of the Rascals. Alex Turner in the 3 discs of Arctic Monkeys, and the debut of Last Shadow Puppets shows the potential to evolve the music he creates, whether pop, rock or punk or ...

Before we leave you to reading the list, we can say a little about the Greek element of the decade. One (Alex Kapranos) lives permanently in Scotland and with the other Franz Ferdinand created one of the most distinctive albums of the decade (the same title one) and the two subsequent albums have shown that by rights they are one of the bands that gave their mark to the 00s.

The other is perhaps the leading Greek musician for the current decade, who lives permanently in a small village near Larissa. For many of you Thanasis Papakonstantinou is the most important musician of the 00s. We believe that within the next several decades much will be written for the synthetic talent of this man and his ability to marry Greek music with other music.

Read our list below with "10 musical personalities of the 00s":

1. JACK WHITE (White Sripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather)
2. THOM YORKE (Radiohead)
-- ALEX TURNER (Arctic Monkeys, Last Shadow Puppets)
- ALEX KAPRANOS (Franz Ferdinand)
- WIN BUTLER (Arcade Fire)
- KAREN O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

On Friday we'll publish our second list for the tribute "Take me out to the Zeros", which will show you the 10 best concerts that took place in Greece in the 00s .

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