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Editors in Mix Grill on Tuesday

The time was 17:45 and on the other side of the phone line we had  Chris Urbanowicz (lead guitars, synths  of Editors) and Mix Grill interviewed him on the occasion of the band's concerts in Greece (14, 15/4)!
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Time was 17:45 yesterday afternoon, on the other side of the phone line we had Chris Urbanowicz (lead guitars, synths in Editors ) for an interview in Mix Grill on the occasion of the band's concerts in Greece!

Over the next few minutes we talked about various issues related to music and Editors and of course he gave us a taste of what to expect on Wednesday, April 14 at the Fuzz (Athens) and the next day in Principal (Thessaloniki). We said a lot and the good thing was that he did not see the whole process as "drudgery" (as it happens in some cases) and gave us quite concise answers.

The sound clip of the interview is in the editing process now and because we leave for Easter holidays, the audio clip will be published on the upcoming Tuesday, April 6 .

The Editors however, release on 17 April a new song, "Last Day", which logically should be played at Fuzz and the Principal. The song will be released in limited edition vinyl (1000 white vinyl) as a part of Record Store Day and  contains an extra acoustic performance of "Papillon".

Hear bellow from the day before yesterday from their concert in Liverpool:

Tickets Concert of Editors
The first 500 tickets will cost 35 €
The rest will cost 40 €

Ticket House Athens (Panepistimiou 42, 210/3608366)
Ticket House Thessaloniki (Mitropoleos 102, 2310/264880)
On Line Sales: www.ticketpro.gr

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