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Editors @ Fuzz: An Escape from Nest

When we left Fuzz last night a friend told me: "Eventually, Editors were English on the starting time of the concert and Germans on the program they played".
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When we left Fuzz last night a friend told me: "Eventually, Editors were English on the starting time of the concert and Germans on the program they played". That's exactly how it was. Let's go to statistics and we'll talk below about yesterday's incredible night ...

The photos belong to our photographer and graphic artist Vangelis Evangelopoulou.

Area: Fuzz
The Band: Editors
People: Sold-out (plenty of people who came in the last minute were left out).
Organization - Audio: Fine.
Start: at 21:30 with" In this light and on this evening"
Finish: at 23:00 with "Fingers In The Factories"
Encore: We have one of those, with 4 songs.


Set list : Exactly the same as what they've been playing on all the latest performances. Logically, they'll play the same songs today in Thessaloniki.

1. In This Light And On This Evening
2. Lights
3. An End Has A Start
4. You Don't Know Love
5. Bones
6. A Life As A Ghost
7. Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool
8 . Blood
9. Escape The Nest
10. Last Day
11. Bullets ( video )
12. The Big Exit
13. The Racing Rats ( video )
14. Munich
15. Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors

Encore :

16. No Sound But The Wind
17. Bricks And Mortar
18. Papillon ( video )
19. Fingers In The Factories


It was the third time I saw the Editors and the first in a solo appearance. Some of you may remember the praise for the concert at Rockwave and the modest comments for last year's Ejekt. You remember also that I wrote that in Ejekt something did not feel right with the voice of Tom Smith.

He could not have lost his voice ... The answer, of course, came last night. Awesome show by the British band, with Smith unfolding his unique vocal abilities and Chris , Russell and Ed helping enough in the final perfect result


The setlist as you can see contains most of their known songs. Their powerful playing and the fact that we had more time to get used to the sound changes they made in their last record, the Editors (compared to the time we had before Ejekt) made us feel quite at home with their new tracks, which contain more electronic components ( Eat Raw Meat, Blood Drool, A Life As A Ghost, Bricks And Mortar).

Their new song" Last Day "was not bad, but it didn't leave a lasting impression.

As for the connection with the crowd, the band seemed to enjoy the live and the crowd's response. Several broad smiles from Tom and Russell and several of Tom's expressions. The crowd had filled Fuzz (I think they should have put a little less people as to not be so cramped) and participated from beginning to the end. There are some concerts that start loose and improve through time. Yesterday's started strong from "hello" and so it continued...

Update 19:00 : As we were informed by the organizing Company, the Editors' console had to be urgently placed on the ground floor of the Fuzz and not at the top (it couldn't fit in there), so plenty of space was lost. Tickets had already been sold at that time.


Highlights of the night, the classics "Munich","Papillon","Bullets", but also "Escape the Nest" (very strong execution), "Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors" and "Fingers In The Factories".

Generally, the band showed us that there doing a serious and consistent work all these years, which is obvious in their live performances. Besides, the lives are a mirror for every musician or band. Furthermore, yesterday was certified that Editors have created a following in Greece and do not be surprised if we see them again next year. I wish ...

Today we will be in Thessaloniki, Principal ...

Editors Live @ Fuzz


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