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New album by Coral and ΕΡ by Broken Social Scene

'Butterfly House' is the new album by Coral and accompanied EP by Broken Social Scene.

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TheCoral Coral will show us very soon their sixth album.

The title is 'Butterfly House' and the release date is July 12.

Recording of the album took place in London in RAK Studios and the production is by John Leckie (The Fall, The Stone Roses), while the first single from the album, '1, 000 Years', will be released a week earlier, on 5 July.

The guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones, who left the band after the release of 'Roots And Echoes' in 2007, will not participate in the album.

Do you know that Broken Social Scene will release the new album BrokenSocialScene 'Forgiveness Rock Record' on May 4 .

'Lo-Fi for the Dividing Nights' is the name of the EP that will accompany the album for those friends of the group that advance-ordered it from  here or have the opportunity to buy it from independent record stores in US or HMV Canada.

'Lo-Fi for the Dividing Nights' has 10 tracks, audio experimentation and new ideas that the members of Broken Social Scene experimented with in their spare time during the recordings of 'Forgiveness Rock Record'. One of these tracks, 'Me & My Hand' was the last track of the album and the rest, that ended up in the EP are:

01 New Instructions
02 Sudden Foot Loss
03 Shabba Lights
04 Song for Dee
05 Eling's Haus
06 Professor Sambo
07 Never Felt Alive
08 Paperweight Room
09 Turbo Mouse
10 Far Out

Listen to the all of 'Forgiveness Rock Record' now the site of NPR here .

The Coral - Dreaming of You

Broken Social Scene - World Sick (live)

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