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Bill Ryder Jones - If: Ακούστε όλο το πολύ δυνατό album του πρώην μέλους των Coral

Bill Ryder Jones - If: One of the best albums of the year.
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If you're a fan of Clint Mansenn and Yann Tiersen then the following albums surely claim a place in your heart. This year, in my opinion, has had very poor music.

But every year one more
outsider pops up, an artist or an album, and shake it all up. Well, this year Bill Ryder Jones former guitarist of Coral released few days ago his first solo album IF and made the surprise. It is one of those times when you do not know what to say or what to write, just sit and enjoy the beauty.

I really have no words. Music here speaks for itself, a fantastic soundtrack for a movie that was never made.

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