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Rockwave 2010 Day 2: Fatboy Slim,DJ Shadow, Garcia, White Lies

White Lies were good, super was Garcia with the great musicians with him, a good experience was DJ Shadow & modest to uninteresting was Fatboy Slim.
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The photos belong to Anna Evangelopoulou

Expectations for the second day Rockwave Festival, I would not say were high for me. One key reason is that I prefer live performances from dj sets. Of course, I would love to see for the first time DJ Shadow, for whom I had heard that he presents a unique audio-visual show, and also Fatboy Slim, whose songs I have danced many times.

Of course, some times good appearances happen where you do not expect them... So, briefly,
White Lies were as good as last year, very good was John Garcia with great musicians supporting, good and special experience was DJ Shadow and quite unremarkable even uninteresting some times, was Fatboy Slim.

Let's look at them in turn.


What : the Rockwave Festival 2010 - the second day: 10.07
Where : the Terra Vibe
Organization : Fine
Sound : Good in general
Crowd : Less even from the first day with Faithless & Black Eyed Peas.

It started with two Greek bands, Dear Darkstar and Melisses, which unfortunately we could not see. A thousand apologies guys...


18:00: White Lies

Precisely at 6 pm with lots of heat,
White Lies went on the Terra Stage. I think that at about the same time they appeared last year in Ejekt Festival.

The crowd was meager, but there were some fans of the band in front of the stage. Everybody else were
looking for shade to put the mat to sit and relaxed  see the concert of the British band.

For 50 minutes the White Lies presented pieces from their last album "To lose my life" and a new piece, "Bigger than us". Indeed, friends of the band had set up a relevant banner for the new song: "This is bigger than us". A good piece in the dark - Joy Division style of the band.


The sound was very clear. The vocals, bass and
drums were heard crystal clear. Highlights the "Unfinished Business" and "Death", with which they closed the concert at 18:50.

Some of the songs they sang : To lose my life, A place to hide, Fifty on our Foreheads, Fairwell to the fairground, EST, Bigger than us (new song) Unfinished Business, Death .

The good thing about Terra Vibe this year is that there have been some new additions, such as restaurant, Beach Volley, a small soccer field, etc. to pass the time, if you want to look around a little ... Well, we had to see the National Cheerleaders Team that came to play Beach Volley...


19:00: Garcia plays Kyuss

Good to watch volley, but John Garcia was waiting for us in Vibe Stage and did not want to stood him up ... The stage was kind of full , and it is smaller than the Terra. At 7 o" clock started Garcia plays Kyuss .

John Garcia is an emblematic figure , but we could not forget to highlight the musicians, who accompanied him. Bruno Fevery's dynamic guitar with super solos, Rob Snijders in Drums and grayhaired Jacques de Haard on bass, who was simply amazing! I have years to see a live with as good a bass player, who played well but also showed the stage presence and dance moves, too.

Quite good the show of the quartet who did not want to leave the stage, even though they were told that there is no time. For many it was the best concert that night. And for me as well, though I hold quite high the tricks of DJ Shadow, that follows ...

Some of the songs sang : Freedom run, Jumbo blimp jumbo, El Rodeo, One Inch Man, Gardenia, White water, Asteroid.

John Garcia

20:20 The Ting Tings

KatieWhite Punctual the two Ting Tings... They started with "Great DJ". Katie White welcomed us in Greek, but "Because my Greek is shit, we will try to make you dance to our songs". We saw just two songs and got to the Vibe Stage, because the stage had been set for DJ Shadow...

Unfortunately, however the Ting Tings played in front of very few people ...

21:00 - DJ Shadow

For many of us it was the appearance expected the whole night. A lot of people in Vibe Stage. Joshua Paul Davis or else "DJ Shadow" opened the door of his paper ball and welcomed us. "It's my first time in Greece and I really hope you have a good time and enjoy the show."


He was on the decks inside the ball. Using two projectors, that showed in every corner of the ball and the cloth behind it, he set a very good visual show. I think that
visuals like that you can see only a few times,  and it was obvious the work put in for them. Musically, he kept mixing some of the songs for which DJ Shadow is known (Six Days, Blood On The Motorway, This Time, etc.) with some new songs that we heard for the first time.

The whole set had a lot of dub evidence of course and I'ld say that in conjunction with everything we saw he made a pretty good show. The Organ Donor dramatically ended the set with the crowd jumping up and down.


In general, I would say it was a good show, but it was not a live I would like to see again the next day for example. Perhaps it's that I'm not much of a fan of dj sets in Music Festivals. No accounting for taste... However, the world had enough fun with Paul (not the octopus, e. ..).

Some of the songs played : Blood On The Motorway, Giving up the ghost, Building steam with a grain of salt, Stem, Fixed Income, This Time, Six Days, Organ Donor.

DJ Shadow @ Rockwave 2010

22:00 Fatboy Slim

Fatboy Slim started at 22.00 in Terra Stage with Praise You. Everyone gathered to Terra to close the evening with Norman Cook. The latter was on the decks and behind him, and on the side video walls, played several clips, which he selected and matched with his set. Of course, not as good a work as DJ Shadow...

The whole dj set of Fatboy Slim had his best-known hits (Praise you, Right here right now, The Rockafeller Skank), and other known songs (Jump around, Smells like teen spirit, Eye of the Tiger, Satisfaction). He continually tried to move the crowd with dance, clapping and general movement.


Very nice moment the advent of Iggy Pop, the bow of Fatboy Slim to him, and interpretation of He's Frank (Washing Up) by "The BPA" (through the video).

At 23.37 finished Fatboy Slim with a remix of the Rolling Stones Satisfaction & The Rockafeller skank, without encore. Overall, I was not happy with everything I saw that 1.5 hour. Tired by the very "beat" set and I'ld say that I did not expect to hear the remixes Jump around, Smells like teen spirit, Eye of the Tiger, Satisfaction, I've been hearing anyway at various bars - clubs for years ... Okay people always dance with the introduction of Jump around, but I was expecting from Norman Cook to find a way to rouse the crowd with his own pieces.

Some of the songs played : Praise you, Right here right now, Ay morena, Eye of the tiger, What the fuck, The BPA - He's Frank (Washing Up) , Smells like teen spirit, Jump around, Satisfaction & rockafeller skank remix.

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