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New Releases: Liars and Sufjan Stevens

The new EP by Liars and the new album of Sufjan Stevens will be released in October.
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Liars Liars are about to release a new EP.

The title is 'Proud Evolution' and it will be released on October 18 in Europe by Mute (19/10 U.S.). 'Proud Evolution' is of course a track in the last great album by Liars,  'Sisterworld' and will be included in the EP in three executions, the original from the album, a remix of the song by Thom Yorke from the accompanying album 'Sisterworld Reinterpretations' and a live version of it. Besides this,  the EP will have three new tracks.

Tracks of 'Proud Evolution':

'Proud Evolution' (Album Version)
'Proud Evolution' (Thom Yorke Remix)
'Proud Evolution' (Live From Williamsburg)
'Come Now'
'Total Frown'

SufjanStevens Sufjan Stevens has a full program.

Just last week he presented 'All Delighted People', a new EP (with eight songs and lasting one hour!) that his fans can buy (and listen) online here . He announced a series of concerts in the coming months and now came the announcement of his new album (the previous was 'Illinois' in 2005).

The 'The Age Of Adz' (pronounced Odds) will be released on October 12 in the U.S. by Asthmatic Kitty , as CD, mp3 and double vinyl.

As for a first description of the album, the press release talks about extended use of electronic instruments (drum machines and analog synthesizers) and an obsession with issues such as space, heaven, aliens and love, combined to create a blockbuster of pop songs with a lot of orchestration and maybe some dance moments.

Adz The title and tone of the whole album is inspired by the apocalyptic paintings of marginal artist Royal Robertson (1930-1997), whose works adorn the cover and insert of the album.

The titles of the tracks of 'The Age Of Adz':

'Futile Devices' TheAgeofAdz
'Too Much '
' Age of Adz '
' I Walked '
' Now That I'm Older '
' Get Real Get Right '
' Bad Communication '
' Vesuvius'
'All for Myself'
'I Want To Be Well'
'Impossible Soul'


Sufjan Stevens - Chicago

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