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Mobilia :: Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma

The resourceful Flying Lotus is mapping the universe and offers us his cosmogramma.
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The debut of Steven Ellison on Warp and the second in his career, the Los Angeles, was definitely within 2-3 best albums of 2008. The Cosmogramma as a second pure classic, is raising him and is bringing him to the pleasant spot to occupy the empty throne of Richard D. James. Full of influences, mixes all sorts of electronica and hip-hop and gradually transforms it into a beautiful collage of solid hip-hop beats, racing brain formations, eerie ambient loops fragments and vocals, all without any whim and whimsy without dry impulsive. This eccentric collection of elements ultimately flourishes with characteristic ease, contributing to the amazing, in every way-result. On our first choices Picled!, which brings us straight to the point with the bombing of the dense bass, sirens and weird percussion that thrash it mercilessly. The Satelllliiiiiteee , with the characteristic soft murmur of the gossamer Mmmhmm and of course the brainy Zodiac Shit and Do The Astral Plane. Just masterpiece .


Javelin - No Mas


Tom Van Buskirk and George Langford are cousins from Brooklyn and this year they made an eccentric, versatile, retro and summery album that sounds better in a cabriolet under the hot sun. Fifteen handmade improvisations, full of the minimal low-fi flat electronica which pays tribute to the hot and lazy summer, a sexy and humorous journey into decades of eccentric pop. Contains Nintendo pop from two robots that love one an other in Oh! Centra, 80's (very eighties) at On It On It but also quite instrumental, as the great cinematic soul (from the 60's this time) in Shadow Heart, but old and forgotten TV-surf theme in Tell Me What Will It Be? And of course, top tunes such as that of The Moosy Woodland that puts up as candidate for one of the songs of the year.


Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz


The inaugural Futile Devices is characteristic of the soul deposit made by  Sufjan throughout the The Age of Adz. And of course the feeling is not the only feature of the disc, there is the inherent madness that distinguishes him, which made him famous. The last part of Too Much, or seemingly absurd exorbitance of Impossible Soul are characteristic moments of insanity. Compared with the Illinois, Sufjan here is more isolated, leaving the edge parts of orchestral and symphonic chorus and uses more keys and the successful musical climate alternates between soothing melodies and electronic flares. Its characteristic feature is still possible and in The Age of Adz, namely the ability to capture a melody and always adds something extra to the lifts. Happens to Get Real Get Right, repeated later in the Vesuvius and again in 25 minutes long maze Impossible Soul, and will definitely happen in the future.


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