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Wonderfully indifferent to commercial success, absolute towards  moral codes of the art and full of creative obsessions. That's Peter Hammill in two words.
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Wonderfully indifferent to commercial success, absolute on the moral codes of art and full of creative obsessions. This is Peter Hammill in a few words.

Many believe (not unfairly...) that David Bowie in his early years, was influenced by the style and deep lyricism of Hammill. He was also one of the few of a generation that not only endured as an artistic value
during the difficult, for many, years of punk in England, but even embraced it as a musical style with ease.

He has always been heartbreakingly honest and delightfully indifferent to recognition. Therefore, it was perfectly reasonable to match a generation that was madly looking for a new path in their way during the second half of the seventies. He played with Stranglers in difficult times for the band and of course nobody forgets that even the Prince of insolence, the maniac Johnny Rotten of the Pistols considered him as something quite special, as someone resourceful and integral. And he was right ...

PeterHammillHe had stated so in one of his first interviews, talking about Van Der Graaf Generator. I also believe that no one else but Peter Hammill, could get closer to an issue as difficult as what he described in the unique 'Handicap and Equality'. Listen to it.

One of these days I was looking at my cds. It is always the same familiar story ... Thoughts, that is, in relation to the show, some rearrangements, two - three things that I didn't get the chance to listen to, demos (Keep on sending them here: Euripides 79, Piraeus. I listen to all of them, and some will play 'on air' at a special show) new releases, a parcel that I did not have time yet to open (usually under a magazine) and 'music fits'. You know...

My eyes dropping on
Peter's discography at this time is 'trouble', trust me ... Magnet, to be more precise, even though I've listened to him for decades now, and even though we had the most wonderful 'interview' off the air some time ago in a few words and even though I have had enough of him (not a chance ..) after so many diamonds ... Apart from his albums, apart from his studio recordings, what I still bare deeply within me are the live performances ... rituals ... To be honest I really do not remember (!), how many times I've seen him on stage.

Last time we spoke (Peter Hammill OFCOURCE does not GIVE formal interviews) we were saying that it is a pity we did not manage to match our times so as to finally talk 'on air' , but will do so along with the new by VDGG. Those who know his art, of course, know his worth. The rest can do nothing but discover him...

P.S.: These words in memory of Thanasis Manthou ...

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