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Music is my Radar - Best of 2010 (Albums 16-30)

The moment of joy for music lovers everywhere  has arrived and we are now in the pleasant position to present our personal lists of the best for this year. So today Music is my Radar deals with the best albums of 2010, numbers 16 to 30.
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Along with ,the last month of the first year of the 10's, the moment of joy for music lovers everywhere has arrived and most of us are able to present our personal lists of the best for this year. So today Music is my Radar deals with the best albums of 2010, numbers 16 to 30. Tomorrow, in the special edition of Music is my Radar , we will deal with the 15 best albums for this year.

16. MONIKA - Exit
17. MY WET CALVIN - All great events
18. CROCODILES - Sleep forever
19. THE DRUMS - The Drums
20 . DELPHIC - Acolyte
21. MASSIVE ATTACK - Heligoland
22. LES SAVY FAV - Root for ruin
23. WOLF PARADE - Expo 86
25. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - This is happening
26. RADIO DEPT - Clinging to a scheme
27. FRIGHTENED RABBIT - The winter of mixed drinks
28. THE SOFT PACK - The Soft Pack
29. MARIETTA FAFOUTI - Try a little romance
30. CEE LO GREEN - The lady killer

Out of the domestic bands releases for this year, we have distinguished the first full album by entitled My Wet Calvin All great events. After quite a few EPs, which were distributed at their live shows, Leonidas and Aris have released one of the best works we have ever heard by a greek band within the past few years. Read their interview for mixgrill here .

For Monika, due to the unexpected great success of Avatar, Exit was a huge bet. She deserves great praise because she has released a second album that was better and more complete than her first and threw it in the face of all critics who waited on the corner for her. More here .

The Crocodiles released their second album Sleep forever produced by James Ford. Their delightful music is a mix with a familiar recipe: Jesus and mary chain, Velvet Underground, Primal Scream and a bit of garage, like Sonics, Seeds for those who miss these groups from the 60's.

The 2010 debut that was mostly talked about, was that of Drums from Brooklyn with an explosive mix of surf-electro-post-punk-rock. In live performances the singer gives out himself and a sample can be seen in a video from this year's Primavera.

The Delphic with their first singles had created the necessary hype to make us impatiently await their debut Acolyte, which was released in January 2010. Although they are certainly not that original, I think they will star in the musical life of Britain in the coming years. Read alsohere .

The fifth album by the Massive Attack entitled Heligoland is clearly superior to the previous 100th Window. This release also features elite artists like: Tunde Adebimpe from the TV on the radio, their permanent guest Horace Andy, Martina - former muse of Tricky - the popular Hope Sandoval and Damon Albarn.

Les Savy Fav with Root for ruin take another important step after the much disputed over, Let's stay friends . Probably the Pixies would sound something like that, had they been recording new material instead of just throwing gigs. I hope they manage to become more popular with this work. I cannot tell what makes the Kings Of Leon superior!

In this year's album by the Wolf Parade, entitled Expo 86 we enjoy speedy guitars, while at some points they sound slightly melodic. Probably the second best album by a Canadian band for this year. For the best one we'll be speaking tomorrow.

In Contra by the Vampire Weekend the influences from contemporary African rhythms are more apparent, compared to their first release, while the synths - which in some cases bring New Order
to mind - have been better incorporated. Ezra Koening often sounds like Paul Simon. Full review here .

The LCD Soundsystem is one of the critics' favorite bands of the zeros. heir first two releases have met great acceptance, perhaps more than they deserved, with no intention to underestimate them.

Those who love and miss the Field Mice and the Pale Fountains will really enjoy Clinging to a scheme by the Radio dept. from Sweden.

Another album that stood out in 2010 is the third, very good release by the Scots Frightened rabbit entitled The winter of mixed drinks clearly influenced by the Arcade Fire.

For the past lovers of the Mudhoney, Social Distortion, Ramones and Strokes, I strongly recommend the Soft Pack from San Diego and their first album.

A key feature of the songs by Marietta Fafouti is that they help the listener enfold different images and stories. Her multiple talents are indisputable. Listening to her performing the songs from Try a little romance will bring to your mind Bjork, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, but I assure you that the songwriter prefers the sounds of past decades and loves the 60's and 70's much more. Have also a look here and here .

Cee Lo Green, after having already become popular and recognizable through the two successful albums as the Gnarls Barkley, has released his third solo album titled The Lady Killer which presents a great example of modern commercial soul.
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