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Roger Waters @ Indoor Olympic Stadium in ΟΑΚΑ!

With a little comment on the Facebook page, Didi Music informed us that Roger Waters will present "The Wall" at the Olympic Indoor Stadium on Friday, July 8!
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With a little commentary on its Facebook page, Didi Music informed us that Roger Waters (member of the legendary Pink Floyd) will present the "The Wall " at the Indoor Olympic Stadium on Friday, July 8 !

"Roger Waters-The Wall Live-OAKA Basketball Arena 8 July"

One should not find it strange that the venue of concert is closed and the place not chosen is not  Terra Vibe, as it was in 2006. This show of Waters is meant to be performed only indoors. The Olympic Stadium was probably the best solution, taking into account the wishes of thousands of music lovers to see this concert. The area is certainly not purely made for concert, but this is one of the problems faced by companies holding concerts in our country. There is no large enclosed space with characteristics to accommodate concerts.

European tour of "The Wall" continues on Wednesday, May 4th at Ericsson Globe (indoor arena for hockey - capacity of 16,000 people) in Stockholm. Tickets start at 43 euros. It then continues in Denmark and England. For the concert on May 18 at the O2 Arena in London, tickets start at 75.5 euros.

Updated 15:10 : Here's the official press release. From 55 Euros tickets and presale begins next Tuesday May 10. For the first day of the presale, Tuesday May 10 there will be a purchase limit of 6 tickets per person.

Friday, July 8 2011
Indoor Basketball OAKA

It began last September in Toronto, with stops in a number of major cities in North America, and is now in Europe!

On Friday, July 8, the legendary ... Wall will be built, brick by brick, in the Indoor Basketball Olympic Stadium, to be broken down the same day during a concert in a show that international media have described as epic.

World Tour "The Wall Live" with the signature of Roger Waters to creation and design, celebrates 30 years since the creation of multi-platinum album of Pink Floyd, and apparently is his "swan song", after his tour of "The Dark Side of the Moon", which took place between 2007 and 2008, and in Greece was brought by the Big Star Promotion, in TerraVibe Park.

The show "THE WALL" has been presented in the past only 31 times, numbered on the fingers of one hand, cities in the U.S. and Europe. Also, we remind you that it was recorded and finally released in 2000, titled " Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81 ".

Modern ala Roger Waters tour, "THE WALL LIVE", has already completed 56 shows in North America and is currently in progress in European part, which began in March with a total of 62 dates in the program. Waters has expressed his desire to expand to other regions, including South America.

"The Wall Live" of Roger Waters is a theatrical epic, similar to the performances of Pink Floyd in 1980, but the all-star presentation of the work by Waters, on the celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall in July 1990. A central element of the show will be a real wall - by 74 meters wide and about 11 feet high - to be constructed during the first part of the show, to be demolished shortly before the end of it! Participating in the show and designed by Gerald Scarfe, there are special dolls which "express themselves in words more than in the previous version of the Wall", according to Waters, and the show is supplemented by extensive in duration projections (views) and other special effects.

"The engineering and technology are very advanced, specially on projection" says Waters. " can now project a bright image across the width of the arena, which could not be done before. "

Roger Waters, in an interview given us especially for Greek media, he is explaining the reason of his visit:

1. The excellent venue, which fully meets the needs of the vast production of THE WALL LIVE and the specific requirements of film making for film distribution and circulation in Blu-Ray.

2. The Greek public, which impressed him and beat him with his enthusiasm when, a few years ago, was back in Athens, particularly in Terra Vibe Park, as part of the tour "The Dark Side Of The Moon".

For all these reasons, the team of Roger Waters and the production of Big Star Touring ask all media to carry the public with the following information / conditions for the entry of spectators at the venue and the smooth conduct of filming a huge musical event:

Given the seriousness of this prohibition, we must warn the public that those who carry a camera or mobile, can not enter the room, even though they may have already purchased a ticket (in terms of which will be shown, moreover, the above condition / ban).

Therefore we urge you to inform in advance your readers / viewers / listeners, so to avoid any inconvenience and ensure the success of the concert and the filming of which part, after all, are the Greeks themselves!

*** Advance booking begins on TUESDAY, MAY 10!

Advance tickets for the concert "THE WALL LIVE" GETS
10 2011!

Advance tickets for the concert" THE WALL LIVE "begins Tuesday, May 10! particularly, online purchasing will start at 10.30 am away from the
www.ticketpro.gr & www.tickethouse.gr , while shopping at the vendors of Ticket House, in Athens and Thessaloniki, also at 10:30 am.

For the first day of the presale, Tuesday May 10 there will be a purchase limit of 6 tickets per person.

Ticket prices are as follows:

PL1 (Upper Tier): 55 euros
PL2 (Arena): 65 EUR
PL3 (lower tier): 88 EUR
PL4 (VIP): 145 euros

Presale and hours:

Panepistimiou 42 (in the gallery).
Telephone: 210 3608 366

Hours Monday - Friday: 10:30 - 21:00
Saturday: 10:30 - 16:00

Metropoleos 102
Telephone: 2310 264 880

Hours Monday to Friday (morning): 10:30 - 14:30 &
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (afternoon): 17:30 - 20: 30
Saturday: 10:30 - 15:00

Online Sales:
For purchases made online by credit card, 24 hours / hour:

www.ticketpro.gr | www.tickethouse.gr

For more information and full press information contact Marketing - Promo Department:
- marketing @ didimusic . gr - 210 8820426

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