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Pink Floyd's week

This week seems to be dedicated to a great band of English prog rock scene, to Pink Floyd....
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This week seems to be dedicated to a great band of English prog rock scene, to Pink Floyd. On September 26 flew again the pink pig(not the same because that was probably wounded) over the hydro factory in Battersea. This image was imprinted on the cover art of their album Animals in 1977.

The record label EMI seems to be the mastermind behind the pig- lift, since on Nov. 7 it will release the collection A Foot In The Door - The Best Of Pink Floyd. In addition to that, all 14 albums will be released remastered with additional material that was not included in the original ones, as collector's box set. EMI therefore began the campaign Why Pink Floyd ...? and we should probably expecting to see more actions of them in order to promote the sales.

It seems that on other side of the Atlantic Ocean the week is also dedicated to Pink Floyd. In the American show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, on 27 September, Roger Waters appeared onstage accompanied by the Foo Fighters and performed the song In the Flesh , from the 1979 album The wall (pitchfork.com).

Continuing the tribute to the band, the show invited MGMT on September 28, which re-performed the song Lucifer Sam with a more electric feel from the debut album of Pink Floyd.

In addition, The Shins have covered  Breath from the album Dark side of the moon and today, Pearl Jam are to close the anniversary week with the  presentation of Mother , from the album The Wall

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