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Roger Waters @ Olympic Stadium 08/07: Hey Roger, thank you!

Some things are better lived, than read...
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In my house I have a drawer, where I put ticket stubs after each concert. It's so chaotic in there, that sometimes I fear that I'll lose some of those I consider important. The ticket stub for last night's appearance of Roger Waters in Olympic Stadium in Athens is in this category.

Sometimes words are not enough to describe a perfect concert from the beginning until the end. Feelings are those that remain and these can only be acquired if you live it, if you were there and you're a piece of the wall that
Roger Waters was building at the Olympic Stadium last night...

The production

We were early enough in the Stadium. The flow of the crowd was smooth and the whole production seemed fine. Indeed, in the stands there were many volunteers (one volunteer per 5-6 individuals approximately), who helped the audience and were very polite. Most of the editors of Mix Grill were in the arena and four others in the stands. In the arena had been sold the right number of tickets, that allowed us to be comfortable without pushing etc.

The stage

The stage occupied a large part of the field and was not as far back as in the concert by Pearl Jam. To be plain, if you're in the arena and even in the back, you could see just fine.

As for the whole set, first you saw a wall built right and left, and in the center were the musicians and a large round video wall. During the First Part, the wall was being built and at "Goodbye Cruel World" it was completely built.


With the rest of the editors we had an appointment at a particular gate. The lack of mobile phone reminded me of times when we agreed on a place, without calling each other ten times on the phone ... Awaiting at the door of the Arena you could see all ages with T-shirts with Pink Floyd, AC / DC, Metallica, Radiohead, etc. You could see young kids with their parents, groups of 20-something and others of 50-something.

During the concert, the audience was just fantastic! Very warm, appreciative, and then looking for ways to show that it enjoyed being part of this celebration. The truth is that for the British, Pink Floyd is in some way like for us Manos Hadjidakis. Nevertheless, due to temperament, I find it difficult to think they create such a warm atmosphere, like yesterday. When playing "Run like Hell", Roger Waters gave the command and all the stadium clapped rhythmically. I stopped for a moment to see what others were doing and really the whole crowd was standing with hands held high. Definitely impressive!


Flawless as expected. At the beginning of "Mother" was heard a slight
sound by the microphone, but generally in the concert all the instruments were clearly heard. Beyond the speakers on stage, speakers were placed on the right, left and back upper part of the stadium. Sometimes I heard some laughter from the right speaker and I thought somebody was laughing next to me ... Like being at the cinema and watching a movie in Dolby surround ... Of course, I think they needed all that for the filming of the concert.

Highlights: Mother, should I trust the government?

There were many beautiful and unique moments, but I will choose two of them. Initially, in "Mother", Roger Waters gets his guitar and when it gets to the line "Mother, should I trust the government?", there was an incredibly loud jeer. It reminded me of the noise made by the Panathenaikos fans when playing against Barcelona in the stadium
this year ...

The second
special moment from the whole evening was in "Run like hell", where we were all standing with hands up and applauding rhythmically. Awesome scene and excellent execution of one of my favorite songs.

The banner

in the stands behind the Arena was posted a very clever banner which read the following message:

"The Pinks and the P (ortugal) I (reland) G (reece) S (pain) will always find somewhere to fly.
To (you) thanks for everything! "

Roger Waters

Ageless the 67-year old Waters! The voice incomparable, the tone was not lost at any point and even "made" some very good, hard rises, as at the end of "Hey You", in "The Trial", where he had to change his voice, according to the impersonated role in "One of my turns", which began and ended on a high tone and of course "Run like Hell". There was of course help from second voices and chorus, but there were points, where the "king was bare" in front of you, as in "The Trial".

Excellent voice and
even better mood. He kept trying to use what he had learned in Greek in order to speak and get us applauding.

Generally, Roger Waters was able to support a musically
monumental work,  that he primarily created and even adapt it to our times, with many references to issues that concern all of us even today. I wonder how many concept albums have been created, which are this timeless?

The setlist

To Setlist was known from the outset. Roger Waters would play the entire The Wall in the order that the songs
are in the album. The only difference was "The Last Few Bricks", which he played between "Another brick in the wall (III)" and "Goodbye Cruel World", even if it's not in the album. Of course, this was also done in the tour of "The Wall" in 1980.

The Message of Roger Waters in Greek

The time had reached 21:30 and the first beer was already over, the lights faded and Roger Waters appeared in the round video wall, on top of the stage. The video that was created especially for his performances in Greece was hilarious. He tried to speak in Greek and after having told us how happy he was that he returned to Greece, he asked politely to be careful with our mobile and cameras and and not to use them. So it happened anyway. Maybe I saw one or two cameras out of the stands at the end of the concert ("Run like hell").

Roger Waters then "leaves" the circular video wall, and was live on stage. Loud applause from the crowd and everything was ready to start building the wall.

Part A - In the Flesh?

The flag bearers of Waters came on stage with traditional flags with hammers, shouting:" I am Spartacus ". Located on a scaffold above the musicians. "In the Flesh" began with an excellent guitar riff and at the end (as was done in the tour of Pink Floyd in 1980), we heard the sounds of airplanes and one of them (a puppet) came out of nowhere and fell to the right side of the wall, which was wrapped in flames (virtually of course).

The Thin Ice

Tones dropped and on the video wall were displayed people who have died in old or recent wars and more. The first of these was the father of Roger Waters. Indeed, towards the end of the song while listening to the strong guitar finish of "The Thin Ice", every brick of the wall also had one of these faces.

Another Brick in the Wall Part 1

The sea in the wall and video wall and various voices, laughter heard from the side speakers. The first part of a beloved trilogy.

The Happiest Days of Our Lives

Time for the helicopter and the flash light, looking to find faces.

Another Brick in the Wall Part 2

Just a big chill ... "Hey teacher leave the kids alone"! The teacher is a great caricature, the same as in the original tour of "The Wall". Along with Waters, the chorus of P. Metaxopoulos. I remember hearing this song on the same site (briefly) by Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam years ago ... The bricks come slowly, slowly in the wall.


The Roger Waters with an acoustic guitar in a very emotional song. To the left of the stage was a giant puppet of
Pink's mother. On the wall and video wall was a black and white facsimile from an old concert of Pink Floyd. In "Should I trust the government" you can understand what happened ... At that time, at the right side of the wall was the message: "F... the government".

Goodbye Blue Sky

Tones fell and the planes reappeared and dropped instead of paratroopers, many well-known symbols in all of us, like the cross, the crescent, the star of Israel, the hammer and sickle, the emblem of Shell, Mercedes, MacDonalds, etc.

Empty Spaces

"I need a dirty woman! " Several of the animations in "Empty Spaces" and scenes from the 1982 film. Since the beginning of the concert, Roger Waters had told us that in this song, when we saw the flowers on the wall, we should put the masks we were given by the organizers. See the mask below:

Young Lust

The song began with the words from "dirty woman", the groupie, who had gone
to Pink's home and was impressed with everything she saw. In this scene, Pink broke everything at home, spreading terror to the girl.

One of My Turns

A song which showed the unique voice of Waters. Intense passion and great interpretation!

Don't Leave Me Now

In the wall we saw the face of
Pink's wife. Her eyes crying green lines ... On the left was a giant flower (puppet).

Another Brick in the Wall Part 3

Last part of the trilogy began with a news bulletin in French and other news, the face of Obama and other politicians, until the glass cracked and eventually broke! The bricks left and helicopters were heard again ...

The Last Few Bricks, Goodbye Cruel World

Each brick had also a person. The wall was built and remained only a brick, which showed Roger Waters and sang "Goodbye Cruel World". End of the first part and half hour break.

Part B - Hey You

Just at 11 pm, the first notes of my very favorite "Hey You" were heard. The band played the whole song behind the wall, like 1980.

Is There Anybody Out There?

The first two bricks of the wall (at right) came out and we saw Waters and the guitarist.

Nobody Home

Opened a piece of the wall on the left and Roger Waters appeared in a living room, sitting in his armchair and watching TV, as were several scenes in the movie "The Wall". In "I got nowhere to fly to", the planes made their appearance again. One of the most beautiful tracks of the album ...


I think "Vera" is musically one of the most optimistic songs of the album. On the wall we saw a little girl, who meets her father who returned from war.

Bring the Boys Back Home

Messages were appearing on the wall. Messages about the situation today. Messages that stayed too little on the wall and you did not have time to read them. Perhaps because the underlying message that Waters wanted to pass, was that we should be cautious and mainly read ourselves to create our own messages...

Comfortably Numb

Even though we had a little hope that Gilmour would appear at the top of the wall, ultimately that didn't happen. Epic song "Comfortably Numb", with awesome guitar solo at the end (the guitarist was at the top of the wall, right by the "replacement" Gilmour).

The Show Must Go On, In the Flesh

The giant black pig made its appearance and had on it the symbols, which we saw earlier falling out of airplanes. The flags with hammers and Waters came out dressed like neo-Nazi, and shot at us at the end of the song!

Run Like Hell

Before the song, Roger Waters talked to us in a tone, like a dictator. "Run like Hell" was one of the highlights of the evening. For the continuous rhythmic applause, we told you above. On the wall we saw the figures of Bush, Hitler and other politicians.

Waiting for the Worms

The worms appeared on the wall and the hammers were preparing to parade. Waters with a loudspeaker, singing.

Stop, The Trial

"The Trial" is reminiscent of opera and is perhaps the most theatrical track of the album.  Roger Waters in an incredible interpretation, then changed his voice, trying to play the judge, mother and teacher, who are judging in Pink. The puppets and picturesque figures of these persons appear. At the end of the song you know what happens, don't you? The front part of the wall collapses in fact, without any effect.

Outside the Wall

The optimistic closure of "The Wall". As in the title of the song, Waters and other musicians were off the wall and while red papers fell, closed a particularly special evening, that very few times I've experienced in the many concerts I've been in the last 20 years .. .

Hey Roger, thank you! Please don't get into the Wall again ...

The first part of "The Wall" by the Pink Floyd concert in Berlin in 1980.

The photographs are not from yesterday's concert.

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