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Welcome to my DNA is the Dark side of the moon by Blackfield

On the 22th of June, he will play with Steven Wilson on the stage of EJEKT Festival. A few days ago, we speaked with Aviv Geffen of Blackfield for...
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On the 22th of June, he will play with Steven Wilson on the stage of EJEKT Festival. A few days ago, we speaked with Aviv Geffen of Blackfield for their new album, their concert in Greece, social media and the musician he would like to work with.

Mix Grill: "Welcome to my DNA". What is the DNA of your new album? More aggressive, emotional, lyric?
Aviv Geffen: It's more of "the Darkside of the moon" by Blackfield,it's our best work so far which we questioning  on this album doe's everything is printed already in us from the first day in our DNA

MG: "Blood" and "Waving" are my favorite songs of "Welcome to my DNA". I believe that "Blood" has influences from Israeli music. Do you distinguish any of your new songs?

AG: In the track "Blood" we tried to give the listeners the feeling that they are in a War zone,I was blending real arabic guitars with Steven's metal guitar and a full real orchestra.

MG: "Glass House" is a song which in my opinion merge the music of Porcupine Tree and your debut album as Blackfield.
- Event though "Go to hell" is a lyric song, it hides so much hate in lyrics. Let me add another thing: Fuck economic crisis!
- Do you believe that economic crisis and generally all the things the world deals with, can create a new musical movement, as punk was at 70s-80s?

AG: well…I believe that Blackfield sounds pretty special and we stand out pretty clear and load above many bands around,it's a mix between my solo work and Steven's early years songs,we do believe that music can change the world and DNA it's of those concept albums that when you understand the songs it's going to stuck in your head

MG: Nowadays, young people listen to many songs via Facebook, Twitter etc. They don't listen to the whole album, but only to some specific songs. Of course, Social Media helped them to listen much more music than before. Do you believe that the album "dies" in these years?

I think that lot's of the bands start to think as "singles" and not "albums",me and Steven are lucky that we have a loyal listeners that still go and buy our albums and vinyls

MG: Do you prefer playing in a Festival or in a Blackfield concert in a small, but cosy venue?

AG: These days Blackfield playing in a pretty big venues ,we just came back from two months tour which we sell out many venues such the "Paradiso" in Amsterdam,"Sheperd's bush empire" in London and the "Irving Plaza" in New york,we are very happy to play the Ejekt festival this year as one of this respected line up

MG: Is there any musician or band, with whom you would like to cooperate?

AG: Thom Yorke is a great artist which I was very happy to work with

MG: Can you tell us "a thing that you try to forget in your DNA"?

AG: amm…prefer not…

MG: A few things about Blackfield's show in EJEKT Festival at 22/06? What should we expect?

AG: Greece was one of the first countries to support Blackfield and my solo album so for us it's going to be a very special evening.

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