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Minute by minute: Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Opeth, Firewind, Karma Violens

LIVE reports on the performances of Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Opeth, Firewind and Karma Violens from Water Plaza at Faliro.
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  Soon we will be in Water Plaza, in Faliro and start live reports from the concerts of Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Opeth, Firewind and Karma Violens. Along with our reviews, you too can send us your impressions, through the Facebook or Twitter (with prefix: @ MixGrill).

Daily schedule is as follows:

Karma Violens 17.15
Firewind 18.05
Opeth 19.10
Whitesnake 20.40
Judas Priest 22.20

See you live soon...


17:15: Due to α personal problem, the author Luke Kakos will be in the Water Plaza at 6:30 pm. We apologize for the lack of information on Karma Violens and Firewind.


19:05: Opeth started with the Grand Conjuration. Enough sun, but few people. The sound is just fine.

19:17: Face of Melinda then.

19:24: The Opeth mention the Whitesnake and Judas Priest and say how important it is for music. Continue with the Master's Apprentice by Deliberance.

19:51: Last song Hexx Omega. Very good as Opeth. Full (as Scandinavians are) in playing the long, complex compositions. We expect the Snake now. Time for beer!


20:27: Explosive emergence of Whitesnake on stage! Best years & give me all your love. Delirium in the people that fills slowly, slowly the Water Plaza.

20:46: Coverdale on stage. Very good sound for Whitesnake. Now playing Steal your heart away, a new song. The public, however, responding to a large extent.

21:01: a ballad from their new album "Forevermore".

21:24: guitar and after drum solo during "Love will set you free". Fool for your loving and it's time to jump... Coverdale's voice begins to crack, but
people help.

21:28: Here I go again. The hits started ... Still of the night now.

21:50: Presentation of the group and Coverdale closed the evening performing with no instruments the Soldier of fortune. Go for second round of beer.

Judas Priest

22:22: Rapid fire & Metal Gods. Sinking Faliro! The sound is great! The scenery is super!

22:37: Starbreaker from Sin after sin. Great night! Victim of changes in laser and smoke.

22:58: A very nice moment now. Diamonds and Rust the song of Joan Baez ... After that Rob dressed in a metallic outfit says: "I 'm Nostradamus".

23:15: Nightcrawler, Turbo lover and Beyond the realms of death. This concert is amazing!

23:33: Blood red skies. What we were listening as kids ... Now Green Menalishi by Fleetwood Mac. We live in the year 1979. Unleashed in the East!

23:53: Breaking the law: At the end let us sing to. Painkiller to continue and sing more and louder. Fires and laser onstage ...

0:07: Encore by Hellion / Electric Eye. Halford comes out on stage with engine and Hell bent for leather.

0:14: Encore 2: You 've got another thing coming.

0:23: Final, and finishing: Living after midnight! Time to leave with any forces we have left ...

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